Pankaj Pankaj Nathavani  274  3 d  
  • Someone's not celebrates Diwali at there home so that we can celebrate Diwali safely at our home @hats off to our soldiers
Jigar Jigar Solanki  285  3 d  
  • It is the result of human error
  • When information travels through many channels, it get distorted
  • Misleading information gets more errors like this
Jigar Jigar Solanki  300  4 d  
  • Indian director, writer, music composer
  • One of the greatest filmmaker of India
  • Widely known for his Apu trilogy
Kushal Kushal Soni  420  5 d  
  • Few seconds glimpse on Facebook can also affect out mental status and influence our actions.
  • As we do exercise for increasing our physical strength, it is must to train our mind to develop good mental habits and remove bad habits.
  • Bad habits like comparison, jealousy, etc ruin our mental status and leads to depression and other mental disorder.
Omkar Omkar Puvar  429  6 d  
  • It's easy to understand why so many people confuse wheel alignment and wheel balancing.
  • They're both necessary for a smooth ride and to extend the service life of tires, but they're not the same process.
  • When performing a wheel alignment, we use sensitive computerized equipment to adjust the angles of the wheels.
Jigar Jigar Solanki  598  7 d  
  • Indian born American business executive
  • Current CEO of Microsoft
  • Built Microsoft’s cloud computing services
Socialee Socialee Going Viral  725  1 w  
  • Holiday is a prime time to get highest traction from users, if projected in a proper, dynamic and creative way.
  • It's an opportunity for your brand to give your fans a little surprise and delight while creating more reach and visibility for yourself. So let's start:
  • 1. Holiday specific Photo contest: Ask users to send their photos while celebrating holiday with your products and engage them.
Kushal Kushal Soni  905  2 w  
  • Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is use of social media services, techniques and technology to enable organizations to engage with their customers.
  • Social brings a new element into CRM because now instead of just dealing with data and information we are dealing with conversations and relationships.
  • These conversations and relationships take place not just from company to consumer but also from consumer to consumer.
Omkar Omkar Puvar  931  2 w  
  • Internet-based e-manufacturing covers the range of online manufacturing activities for product and services.
  • Activities including product design, production control and conditions monitoring, supply chain management, maintenance and sale services through internet.
  • The characteristics of e-manufacturing emphases the new philosophy through which manufacturing will be operated in integration with Internet technology.
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