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Rizwan Rizwan Banani  152  3 d  
  • Volunteer Teaching around Ganpat University, Mehsana area
  • Once in a week with village kids
  • Spend Sunday for nation
Aditya Aditya Raj  155  3 d  
  • Business aggregator of marble and stone industry.
  • B2B platform for marble and granite industry.
  • Techno solution for business growth.
Jigar Jigar Solanki  180  4 d  
  • IMPS is an immediate payment service. It includes internet banking, mobile banking, etc.
  • It is 24X7 and the upper limit varies from bank to bank. But it is around 100000/day.
  • In NEFT the transfer is not immediate. It is done in batches.
Harsh Harsh Lakhotia  408  1 w  
  • Army Day is observed in the memory of our country getting its first Indian Army's Commander-in-Chief, Lt General KM Cariappa, after the Independence.
  • Lt General Cariappa took over the position from British Army General Roy Butcher on January 15, 1948,
  • The Indian Army is the land-based branch and the largest component of the Indian Armed Forces.
Harsh Harsh Lakhotia  392  1 w  
  • The 1st kite was created by a Chinese - Kunghshu P’an, , who gave a bird shape & flew kite 3 consecutive days around 478-392 BC.
  • Kites were used as military banners by ROMANS in The Romans used kites A.D.
  • European explorer Marco Polo introduced kites to Europe in 1295; Marco Polo was an Italian traveler, who had travelled across China extensively.
Maya Maya Nathani  471  2 w  
  • 1. Pair Contrasting Fonts: A great rule of thumb is to choose fonts with high contrast.
  • 2. Match Colors Within Your Designs Match the colors you use for your graphic elements such as fonts or text holders with a background image.
  • 3. Use Grids for Your Images Grids make for a quick & easy way to create your own layouts & are a unique Canva tool which help you layout & edit your image.
Divya Divya naik  497  2 w  
  • One of the few Indian festivals that falls on the same day every year according to the Gregorian calender.
  • On Makar Sankranti, the sun enters the sun-sign of Capricorn or Makara (the Indian rashi). Therefore the 'Makar' in the name.
  • This festival is officially the beginning of spring or the onset of Indian summer and the days become longer, and nights shorter.
Priyanka Priyanka Yadav   506  2 w  
  • National Youth Day is celebrated in India on 12 January on the birthday of Swami Vivekananda
  • In 1984 the Government of India declared the day as the National Youth Day and since 1985
  • Event is celebrated in India every year.
Priyanka Priyanka Yadav   508  2 w  
  • Lal Bahadur Shrivastava was born on 2 October 1904 Mughalsarai Varanasi,(now in Uttar Pradesh, India )
  • Death anniversary - 11 January 1966 (aged 61)
  • He was the Prime Minister of the Republic of India
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