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Pallavi Pallavi Mirajkar  254  2 d  
  • 1. Be as positive as a proton
  • Staying positive will help you overcome the toughest of challenges while attracting more positivity and opportunities.
  • 2. Be more passionate
Riddhi Riddhi Rathod  421  4 d  
  • 1. Keep Your Personal Information Safe and Secure
  • 2. Easily Find Your Lost or Stolen Gadgets
  • 3. Instantly Share a File Between Two Computers
Pallavi Pallavi Mirajkar  542  5 d  
  • 1-2. Objectified/Urbanized
  • 3. Design Is One: Lella & Massimo Vignelli
  • 4. Gucci: The Director
Riddhi Riddhi Rathod  879  1 w  
  • 1. Convey UX
  • 2. The O’Reilly Design Conference
  • 3. UIE UX Immersion: Interactions
Pallavi Pallavi Mirajkar  993  1 w  
  • This would be the first time in the history of FIFA World Cup that Russia would play host, from June 14 to July 15, 2018.
  • - The 2018 World Cup mascot is a wolf named Zabivaka, which was chosen via online voting.
  • - A total of 32 teams would be having their eyes on the trophy.
Pallavi Pallavi Mirajkar  993  1 w  
  • Whether you're pitching a product or presenting at a staff meeting, here are five ways to create memorable moments in any presentation.
  • 1. Use Your Audience
  • There's no better way to wake up your audience and keep them engaged than to literally use them in your presentation.
Electropower Electropower World  1111  1 w  
  • 1)Start from the basics: Understand the fundamentals of voltage(V),current(I) and resistance(R).
  • 2)Basic components: Learn about the working of basic electronic components like resistors,inductors,capacitors,diodes and transistors.
  • 3)Build circuits: Start building circuits as soon as possible.Start by building some circuits using breadboards.
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