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Hardik Hardik Bhadani  16  2 h  
  • Michel de Nostredame was 16th century Frenchman who studied astrology and various other science, it is belied he had a gift of seeing into the future.
  • 1. Great Fire of London: On Sep. 5th 1666 Fire broke out in Central London, From a Bakery and continued for 3 days and affected most part city
  • 2.Third Antichrist: Nero Claudius and Hitler have been named anarchist, third from Greater Arabia, enter in Europe by wearing blue turban and caused WW3
krutika Krutika Zala  35  3 h  
  • One of the clauses in the bill decriminalizes suicide.
  • Stating that a person who attempts suicide should be presumed to have severe stress, and shall not be punished.
  • The Mental Healthcare Bill’ also has a provision to protect and restore the property right of the mentally ill people.
Sahaya Sahaya Lalwani  123  1 d  
  • Happiness is not the pursuit of an endless succession of pleasant experiences. That is recipe for endless exhaustionn not for happiness.
  • 1. Start by defining happiness- Happiness is a way of being, a healthy state of mind that gives you the inner resources to deal with life’s ups and downs.
  • 2. Be patient- It takes time to cultivate all those fundamental human qualities that create well being.
krutika Krutika Zala  198  2 d  
  • This May 28th, more than 145 organizations from all over the world are coming together to celebrate the world’s first Menstrual Hygiene Day.
  • To break the silence around menstrual hygiene management (MHM).
  • How did this happen?
krutika Krutika Zala  170  2 d  
  • Keep the right attitude, attitude matters as much as or more than the actual output while starting your career.
  • Regardless of your job title or job description, your actual job is to make your boss/supervisor’s life easier.
  • Take performance reviews with a grain of salt, use whatever you get as feedback, that you can process and choose whether or not you want to make those changes.
krutika Krutika Zala  182  2 d  
  • Around 1.5 million people gathered to watch his cremation. This was second time huge gathering after Gandhi Funeral .
  • He had connections with some powerful Muslim leaders as the Leader of Congress in 1937 was Sheikh Abdullah.
  • The main Cause of Partition of India was Nehru, it is said that during India independence Muhammad Ali Jinnah wanted to become PM but Nehru refused.
krutika Krutika Zala  191  2 d  
  • Dopamine is a neurotransmitter. It is a chemical messenger that helps in the transmission of signals in the brain and other vital areas.
  • Dopamine is found in humans as well as animals, including both vertebrates and invertebrates.
  • Dopamine was first synthesized in 1910 by George Barger and James Ewens at Wellcome Laboratories in London, England.
Jagender Jagender Gupta  239  3 d  
  • 1. Speak up: Talk to people around you and make them aware about it.
  • 2. Save energy and use renewable energy as much as possible.
  • 3. Building heating and cooling are among the biggest uses of energy, make your space more energy efficient by sealing drafts.
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