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  • Photograph showing the components of an artificial total hip replacement (in exploded perspective).
  • These components are (from left to right) as follows: femoral stem, ball, acetabular cup insert, and acetabular cup.
  • Whenever any foreign material is introduced into the body environment, rejection reactions occur.Any implant material must be biocompatible.
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  • It's impossible for anyone else to define you,you're the only one who gets to say who you are
  • You were born with everything you need,you're not missing anything
  • Perfection is man-made illusion,we're all beautifully imperfect
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  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  • Intergovernmental military alliance
  • Formed in 4th April, 1949
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  • An Intergovernmental organization
  • Organises Commonwealth games
  • Formed on 19th November, 1926
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  • Multi-sports event
  • Takes place every four years
  • First held in 1930
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  • Login to and click on top right icon of your profile.
  • Select the page you want to manage permission for additional user.
  • Click on manage account -> Manage permissions.
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  • WHITE : You are organized and very independent,and rely on logic to solve every problem
  • GRAY: You are cool and composed and very reliable person who tends to conform to keep the peace
  • PURPLE : You are perfectionist who requires emotional security in life,and you are a good humanitarian who helps other in need.
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  • It's a bat and ball game like cricket.
  • Played between two teams having nine players each
  • Goal is to score runs by hitting the ball thrown by pitcher and running four bases anti-clockwise
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  • 1. TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY Your mind and body are intimately connected and your body’s health can adversely affect your mental health as well.
  • 2. WATCH WHAT YOU EAT Stay way from foods that will make you feel drained like caffeine, foods high in sugar or simple carbohydrates, fried foods & alcohol.
  • 3. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH POSITIVE PEOPLE Your outlook on life tends to be shaped by the media you consume and the people you surround yourself with.
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