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Kushal Kushal Soni  65  13 h  
  • WhatsApp is restricting the ability of users worldwide to forward messages as viral hoaxes on its platform continue to be blamed for a spate of mob violence
  • It currently allows users to forward messages simultaneously to as many people and groups as they want.
  • In India — people forward more messages, photos, and videos than any other country in the world
Kamal Kamal Waghel  126  1 d  
  • Lake of Skeletons – Roopkund Lake, Chamoli, Uttarakhand
  • Mass Bird Suicide – Jatinga, Assam
  • The Cursed Village Of Kuldhara, Near Jaiselmer, Rajasthan
aakash Aakash Seo  141  1 d  
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Kamal Kamal Waghel  228  2 d  
  • J. P. Morgan Chase And Co: Head office is located in New York, United States.
  • Credit Suisse: Headquarters are located in Switzerland.
  • Goldman Sachs: Headquarter in New York.
Kamal Kamal Waghel  228  2 d  
  • The TADA Act came into force between 1985 - 1995, but was modified in 1987.
  • It is applied to the citizens of India residing in India or outside India and also to the government officials.
  • It is an anti-terrorism law which was made by observing the background of the Punjab insurgency and was applied to whole of India.
aakash Aakash Seo  245  2 d  
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aakash Aakash Seo  354  3 d  
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Kamal Kamal Waghel  367  4 d  
  • Hima Das came from the Assam state of India.
  • She is the first Indian to win a Gold medal in a track event at the World Junior Athletics Championships in 2018.
  • She wanted to pursue football as her career.
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