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Rajiv Rajiv Rathore  1850  2 y  
  • Islam is the second-largest and the fastest-growing religion in the world with over 1.6 billion followers.
  • Indonesia is home to the world's largest Islamic population.
  • The Arabic word Islam means “submission,” reflecting the faith's central tenet of submitting to the will of God.
Rajiv Rajiv Rathore  1786  2 y  
  • The origins of Jainism can be traced back to the Indus River valley civilization of 3000 B.C.
  • Jains believe that there were 24 great teachers the last of whom was Lord Mahavira who lived during 6th century B.C.
  • These twenty-four teachers are called Tirthankara’s-people who had attained all knowledge while living (Moksha) and preached it to the people.
Rajiv Rajiv Rathore  1777  2 y  
  • The BlackBerry Operating System is a software platform developed by its manufacturer Research In Motion(RIM) in 1999.
  • It was mainly developed for pagers for its ability to send and receive internet e-mail and messages using the “push” method of delivery.
  • The latest version of Blackberry OS is 10 but company stopped and has now shifted to android OS for its line of smartphones.
Rajiv Rajiv Rathore  1953  2 y  
  • Windows Mobile OS is developed by Microsoft and first appeared in 2000 as PocketPC 2000.
  • Global market share is as low as 2.79 percent.
  • The Latest version is Windows 10 that will be available to users using 8.1 OTA update in Q3 2016.
Rajiv Rajiv Rathore  1961  2 y  
  • On January 24, 1984, Apple Computer Inc. (now Apple Inc.) introduced the Macintosh personal computer, retroactively renamed to the Macintosh 128K model.
  • The latest version being released is Mac OS Capitan.
  • Apple’s Mac OS is the second most used OS for Laptop and Desktop.
Rajiv Rajiv Rathore  2034  2 y  
  • Chrome OS is an operating system designed by Google and based upon the Linux kernel.
  • Google announced the project in July 2009, it is a Cloud Based OS: hence Chrome OS primarily runs web applications.
  • The first Chrome OS laptop, known as a Chromebook, arrived in May 2011.
Rajiv Rajiv Rathore  1847  2 y  
  • The second most used smartphone OS after Android.
  • It has a market share of 14.8 percent worldwide.
  • Developed by Apple Inc. and Initially was released in 2007, It was developed for iPhones.
Rajiv Rajiv Rathore  1963  2 y  
  • Linux is a Unix-like computer operating system (OS) developed by Linus Torvalds.
  • It was assembled under the model of free and open-source software development and distribution.
  • It was first released on October 5, 1991.
Rajiv Rajiv Rathore  1776  2 y  
  • Android is number ONE smartphone OS in the world and has a market share of 85 percent worldwide.
  • Open Source OS developed in California in 2003 and purchased by Google Inc. in 2005.
  • Android OS powers appliances like Smartphones, Tablets, Televisions, Watches and Vehicles.
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