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Benedict Benedict D'costa  208  2 w  
  • It's atomic number is 92.
  • It's atomic weight is 238.03
  • It's the heaviest naturally occurring element in the universe.
Benedict Benedict D'costa  195  2 w  
  • Rule No 1-It is very important that you yourself are convinced about something that you are going to present to others.
  • Rule No 2-You have to be realistic about what you are presenting and it should not go out of context.
  • Rule No 3-Accept the risks involved and the possible outcomes.
Pallavi Pallavi Mirajkar  132  2 w  
  • Visual merchandising is comprised of many elements and can create uncertainty about where to start.
  • Luckily, the five most important elements of visual merchandising are easy to implement and won't break the bank.
  • 1. Remember that color is king.
Benedict Benedict D'costa  125  2 w  
  • A year in Mercury is 88 days, yet one day of Mercury is equal to Earth's 176 days.
  • Mercury orbits so quickly around the Sun that the early civilisations believed it to be 2 different stars.
  • It is the smallest planet in the Solar system.
Pallavi Pallavi Mirajkar  136  2 w  
  • In modern web design involves multi-function, multi department and skill set approaches.
  • Design:
  • Attractive Design is more important for a website because if the website design is proper then traffic will automatically increase and online shoppers.
Harshil Harshil Bhatt  222  2 w  
  • The six steps involved in process of performance appraisal are as follows:
  • The appraisal process begins with the establishment of per­formance standards.
  • The managers must determine what outputs, accomplishments and skills will be evaluated
Harshil Harshil Bhatt  221  2 w  
  • It was built as a triumphal arch to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to Mumbai, prior to the Delhi Durbar in December 1911.
  • Foundation stone was laid by the then Governor of Bombay (Mumbai) on March 31st 1913.
  • It is built from yellow basalt and reinforced concrete, which is facing out to Mumbai Harbour from the tip of Apollo Bunder.
Harshil Harshil Bhatt  227  2 w  
  • Make sure you are in an area with good cellphone reception (or, ideally, use a landline), where it's quiet enough to hear and calm enough to give the interview
  • Take time to familiarize yourself with the company--check out their website, take a look at their blog, and get a general sense for what they're all about
  • Have a pen and paper handy for note taking.
Harshil Harshil Bhatt  221  2 w  
  • Only 2.5% of the Earth’s water is fresh
  • Nearly 2 billion people world-wide are estimated to drink water that is contaminated with feces
  • It takes about 37 gallons of water to grow the coffee beans and process them to make one cup of coffee.
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