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  • About Me: I am a graduate in Neurology with qualified skills in diagnosis, management and prognosis of variety of diseases related to Brain, Spine, Nerves and Muscles. I possess a sound knowledge in neurology and have undergone an efficient training in sub-specialties such as acute stroke management, neuromuscular disorders, electrophysiology and epilepsy. Certain highlights of my academic career have been as under: - Special interest and work experience in Stroke, Epilepsy and Neuromuscular disorders - Trained in reporting and performing nerve conduction studies, electromyograms and electroencephalograms - Academic awards, research projects and on-field medical activities - Numerous publications, poster presentations and educational sessions in National and International journals and conferences
  • Lives in: Ahmedabad
  • Occupation: Owner & Founder at Mastishk, The Neurology Clinic
  • Joined: 22-08-2019
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