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  • About Me: At first I thought I was the best and it ended up like most currency players - quite a downside. Then I made the decision that I never play leveraged instruments (options, contracts, forwards) again and I focus on "calmer investments". For a long time, I first invested in equity funds and for almost 10 years only the stock exchange (first more newconnect and now only the WSE and Catalyst). As in the last 20 years, the instruments I invest in have changed and my investment approach has changed, which was influenced by a strongly changing market. When there was a boom caused by open pension funds, basically every stock was earned without deeper analysis, currently the Polish market is difficult, the most important thing is proper selection, forecasting and diversification (that's what I try to do). I analyze the companies that I choose for my portfolio mainly in terms of fundamental, I am looking for cheap companies with c / w in the vicinity of 5-6, achieving an increase in revenues and profits in the last quarters or years, preferably if they were in an upward trend, I also try to find some event (acquisition, high dividend, purchase or extra result) which may cause a sharp increase in the price. I prefer dividend companies the most, because that is what shareholders usually care about. My professional life was related to work in banking (cooperative bank, BPH, Kredyt Bank) and since 2016 I have been the creator and run the blog - Practical application of fundamental analysis. On my blog, I post company analyzes, run virtual wallets and discuss with readers on the blog forum.
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