990  2 w 
  • Pinterest ads are not yet available for Indian businesses
  • Still, it can be done from third party Pinterest Marketing networks to run Pinterest promotions.
  • Still, it can be done from third party Pinterest Marketing networks to run Pinterest promotions.
862  4 w 
  • Product sampling methods generally involves products being given away as freebies to customers to attract the customer and build trust on the product.
  • Basically there are two sampling methods- 1. Dry sampling 2. Wet sampling
  • Dry sampling mainly addresses the mass market through super markers and events.
756  1 m 
  • S G Highway (Ahmedabad).
  • Manek Chowk.
  • Cafe’s accross SG Highway (ex : Shivas / Shambhu’s)
673  1 m 
  • Pavagadh Hills: It is situated at Halol Taluka, which is nearer to the Godhra city and is a very famous tourist attraction.
  • Besides this, Pavagadh has also been popular as the strongest hill fortress, where Kalika Mata Temple is a most holy center and has been built during the 10th –
  • The old fort of Champaner, which was found to be the medieval capital of the Gujarat, is located at the southern part of the Pavagadh hill.
3916  5 m 
  • The idea to set up a blockchain for financial use was found useful by a committee of government officials.
  • Increased global regulatory scrutiny over Bitcoin in the summer of 2017, is driving National banks all over the world to consider blockchain alternatives.
  • RBI may be working on their own national digital currency.
4793  5 m 
  • 1. Cheaper than flights? The government, in its own words, aims to keep the bullet train ride “affordable for all”.
  • 2. Seating capacity and frequency: 16 coaches- 1250 passengers; 70 Ahmedabad-Mumbai sorties in a day.
  • 3. Stations: It will cover a total of 12 stations; Mumbai, Thane, Virar, Boisar, Vapi, Bilimora, Surat, Bharuch, Vadodara, Anand, Ahmedabad and Sabarmati.
3300  5 m 
  • 1. Know what’s important to the users.
  • What the user needs is the first consideration when you want to create a social media website that goes viral.
  • Think of it this way: will a user become so excited about a feature or tool on your site that they encourage their friends to use it too?
1560  6 m 
  • First go to the video that you want to download and play it
  • Change the Facebook url from www.facebook.com/xxx to m.facebook.com/xxx and then press enter.
  • Now right click video and click save video as
1280  6 m 
  • Encephalitis is a sudden onset inflammation of the brain.
  • Symptoms include headache, fever, confusion, drowsiness, and fatigue.
  • Further symptoms include seizures or convulsions, tremors, hallucinations, stroke, and memory problems
864  7 m 
  • This is a very popular word used to make everyone in the world feel that they are doing something wrong.
  • In fact, it is impossible to achieve this and so almost all people, who believe in this concept, feels guilty.
  • Any moving thing cannot stay balanced, but the opposite efforts are made when something over weighs.
701  7 m 
  • Option 1: To do it manually, there is an option " Stop accepting response" that can be activated. Beneath which you can write reason to not accept response.
  • Option 2: Go to setting-> Add On-> Form Limiter
  • Add the plugin and mention no.s of response you want to limit to.
1129  9 m 
  • Understand the requirement from client's point of view and client's business process.
  • Instead of giving solution on the spot, take time and give solution after doing research of client's business and competitors.
  • Educating customer about the solution and the process that you will follow (patiently).
1618  11 m 
  • Born on June 5, 1972, Yogi Adityanath's real name is Ajay Singh. He has a BSc degree from HNB Garhwal University, Srinagar, Uttarakhand.
  • He was elected as the member of the 12th Lok Sabha in 1998 from Gorakhpur constituency, becoming the youngest MP at the age of 26. He has so far been MP from th
  • Known for his firebrand politics, Adityanath never had to rely on Modi wave to cling on to his seat or get anointed as the Uttar Pradesh CM.
2193  12 m 
  • Social Networking in that members of the network share information based on their current location with one another.
  • Social Networking can be done based on locations.
  • Facebook place, foursquare, tinder are examples of LBSN
2239  1 y 
  • Messages in audio: Posts in audio so emotional connect of the message is expressed.
  • Location based networking ( not dating site)
  • Interest based feeds. Though the algorithm is improving but still feeds has more inclination towards friends updates and virality.
1935  1 y 
  • There are great startup ideas lying around unexploited right under our noses because of Schelp Blindness.
  • Schlep was originally a Yiddish word but has passed into general use in the US. It means a tedious, unpleasant task.
  • Most founders of startups want to put up a clever bit of code they wrote and just watch the money flow in.
2313  1 y 
  • Inadequate preparedness: Some new homemakers may not see the changes coming as a result of their taking up this new role.
  • Lack of appreciation:But even though a homemaker does a lot of work she never gets “paid” and is hardly appreciated for it.
  • Isolation: Being a Homemaker, makes the social interaction restricted leading to frustration and anger.
2536  1 y 
  • A supermoon happens because the Moon’s distance from Earth is constantly changing.
  • The Moon’s orbit is not a perfect circle but rather elliptical, which means it’s closer at some point, and then farther away a few weeks later
  • The Moon goes through phases – from new moon all the way to full moon – depending on the amount of light it receives from the Sun and its position.
2068  1 y 
  • An Indian political strategist, a Public Health expert by training and had formerly worked with the United Nations for eight years.
  • He came to wider public attention when an election-campaign he conceptualized, helped the Narendra Modi win an absolute majority in 2014 Lok Sabha election.
  • Kishor helped Kumar's "Grand Alliance" rout the BJP's alliance 178–58
2075  1 y 
  • Planetary rings that surround Saturn, Neptune and Uranus were formed four billion years ago when large objects passed very close to planets and got destroyed.
  • The study by researchers at Kobe University and Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan focused on the period called the Late Heavy Bombardment.
  • The Late Heavy Bombardment is believed to have occurred 4 billion years ago in our solar system, when the giant planets underwent orbital migration.
2091  1 y 
  • Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement. Without a purpose and a plan, people drift aimlessly through life.
  • The Mastermind principle consists of an alliance of two or more minds working in perfect harmony for the attainment of a common definite objective.
  • Faith is a state of mind through which your aims, desires, plans and purposes may be translated into their physical or financial equivalent.
2614  1 y 
  • Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is use of social media services, techniques and technology to enable organizations to engage with their customers.
  • Social brings a new element into CRM because now instead of just dealing with data and information we are dealing with conversations and relationships.
  • These conversations and relationships take place not just from company to consumer but also from consumer to consumer.
2234  1 y 
  • Emotional appeal:Two main emotions used in advertising are love and fear.
  • Promotional advertising:giving away samples of the product for free to the consumers in the trade fairs, promotional events, and ad campaign.
  • Bandwagon Advertising: Convincing the customers to join the group of people who have bought this product and be on the winning side.
2276  1 y 
  • The 12-megapixel camera is fast and Google claims it’s great in low-light.
  • Camera is tied to the gyroscope to eliminate the hand-shake "jelly" effect in video.
  • Has a new Snapdragon 821 processor and 4 gigs of RAM.
2474  1 y 
  • Defining target customer: Most important things is to understand who needs or will need your product / service.
  • Choosing sales channel: To reach those target customer, there may be multiple channels, but do research on which is the most effective.
  • Before meeting, calling or reaching customer, do homework i.e., research about their nature or experience.
2151  1 y 
  • Login to Instagram.
  • Go to your profile and tap settings.
  • Tap Switch to Business Profile.
2193  1 y 
  • Update profile with events attended, internship report, research finding and skills mastered.
  • Pen down the interest area and fix the industry in which you want to grow.
  • Increase connection with HR, industry experts of your target audience.
2415  1 y 
  • A single page of a cheque book is known as a cheque leaf.
  • Start by crossing (two cross)the cheque at the left top corner of the leaf.
  • Start by crossing (two cross)the cheque at the left top corner of the leaf.
2594  1 y 
  • Invite like minded people
  • Declare a clear agenda, so expectations are rightly set.
  • Make an event on Facebook or other such sites with clear time frame.
2109  1 y 
  • Facebook page is a floating identity with no need of single or permanent ownership.
  • But it should be associated to atleast one Facebook Account.
  • Login to Facebook Account.
1509  1 y 
  • Know your objective. Jot it down.
  • Behave as human.(Not machine). Be real.
  • Know your audience and know their needs.
1451  1 y 
  • Creative should contain max 20% text.
  • Creative should have elegant look, that can attract viewers.
  • No long captions. Try to summarize the caption in max 300 characters.
1925  1 y 
  • Twitter is one of the most powerful tools used for communication.
  • Twitter initially launched in Mar 2006, as twitter, was designed for sending and receiving tweets as SMS text message
  • And as we know SMS has 160 characters, so they took 20 characters for the user name and left 140 character for the content.
1439  1 y 
  • Page promotion: You can promote ads to get likes on Page
  • Post promotion: You can promote your page's post to get engagement on post
  • Website promotion: You can promote ads of website to get clicks on website
1575  1 y 
  • Founders: Rachit Dave; Rutvij Vora & Raj Kothari
  • Started in 2013 from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
  • Helping students to select career option by taking career assessment test.
1580  1 y 
  • To add your business information to Google, you’ll need to create a Google My Business listing (or get access to one, if it already exists).
  • Navigate to Google My Business(Business.google.com)
  • Search for your business using its name and address
1722  1 y 
  • Login to Facebook
  • Write in search bar " People who like (type the page name)"
  • And find the list of likers
2163  2 y 
  • UPI is an app - a payment solution which empowers a recipient to initiate the payment request from a smartphone.
  • It facilitates virtual payment address as a payment identifier for sending and collecting money and works on single click 2-factor authentication.
  • The product will enable money transfers – both ‘Push’ and ‘Pull’ through smart phones.
1139  3 w 
  • Posting a calorie chart in fast food restaurants leads people to choose less healthy foods.
  • The sense of smell represents 80% of flavor, so aromas can be used to skew your perception of food in incredibly powerful ways.
  • The sense of smell represents 80% of flavor.So junk food brands that can create a product that lends itself to ritualized eating—like, say, Oreo's
627  4 w 
  • 1. Ratri bazaar- Good for food
  • 2. Railway Station- Good for tea
  • 3. Akota Bridge- Open area with cool breeze
761  1 m 
  • Don't do the best you can do but do it the best it can be done
  • Extraordinary results are directly determined by how narrow you can make your focus.
  • Extraordinarily successful people launch their year by taking time out to plan their time off. Why? They know they’ll need it and able to afford it.
5044  4 m 
  • If you want to walk fast, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, walk together.
  • None can destroy iron, but its own rust can! Likewise none can destroy a person, but its own mindset can!
  • The strong live and the weak die. There is some bloodshed, and out of it emerges a much leaner industry, which tends to survive.
4494  5 m 
  • A fatal accident fractured his legs and it was feared he would not walk again. He was bedridden for a year.
  • His father refused to pay a doctor who asked for bribe to treat. This honesty made him "empathetic, thoughtful"
  • In 1999, Anshu Gupta left his job to start his NGO.Goonj was started by Gupta as a campaign called 'Not Just a Piece of Cloth' after the tsunami in 2004.
3516  5 m 
  • The first bullet train was inaugurated in Japan in the year 1964, right before the Tokyo Olympics. It could move upto 320 km per hour.
  • A few years before Shinkansen was inaugurated in Japan, Emile Bachelet of New York demonstrated a prototype of what was to become a magnetic levitating car.
  • The first commercial magnetic levitating car ran in Birmingham from 1984-95 between the international airport and the international railway station.
2596  6 m 
  • Haseena Parkar was a gangster and sister of underworld criminal don Dawood Ibrahim.
  • She entered the world of crime after her husband was murdered in 1991 by Arun Gawli and his gang.
  • Parkar offered advice to Ibrahim about different decisions that needed to be taken with regards to his crime and other businesses in Mumbai.
1607  6 m 
  • By allowing digital information to be distributed but not copied, blockchain technology created the backbone of a new type of internet.
  • A blockchain is a type of distributed ledger, comprised of unchangable, digitally recorded data in packages called blocks.
  • These digitally recorded "blocks" of data is stored in a linear chain.
1629  7 m 
  • Complete YouTube profile and details inside channel details
  • The title of all videos should be search friendly.
  • Make a playlist and add some videos of other channel of your domain.
826  7 m 
  • Logon to : https://www.facebook.com/fbcameraeffects/home/
  • Click on " Create a frame"
  • Drag and drop a PNG and adjust the position in the frame
989  9 m 
  • (D/L) method is a mathematical formulation designed to calculate the target score for the team batting second in a limited overs match interrupted by weather.
  • The D/L method was devised by two English statisticians, Frank Duckworth and Tony Lewis.
  • It is an attempt to set a fair target for the 2nd team's innings, based on the score achieved by 1st team based on wickets lost and overs played into account
1156  9 m 
  • Don't string too many words together with a single hashtag.
  • Use hashtags only on content relevant to the topic.
  • If you tweet/post with a hashtag on a public account, anyone who does a search for that hashtag may find your tweet/post.
1889  1 y 
  • Listen to their complain as a feedback
  • Ask them the problems faced while using your product. Sometimes half of the problem is solved on asking.
  • Focus on solving the problem and get back to them with a compliment.
2785  1 y 
  • 0.75% discount on petrol and diesel.
  • No service tax till 2000 rs purchase from debit/ credit card.
  • 10 lacs accidental cover on online railway ticket booking.
1826  1 y 
  • Payment banks are those which undertake restricted banking functions.
  • This Functions can be like issuing debit cards, offering internet banking, but cannot offer loans or credit cards.
  • The banks can only accept deposits of up to INR 1 lakh per account.
2572  1 y 
  • A brain area called the anterior circular sulcus was larger among boys who had symptoms of a trauma, compared to who didn't.
  • But among girls in the study, this brain region was smaller among those who had trauma symptoms.
  • The region is associated with emotional awareness and empathy, the researchers said.
2356  1 y 
  • Mixed reality (MR), is the merging of real and virtual worlds to produce new environments where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time
  • Mixed reality takes place not only in the physical world or the virtual world, but is a mix of reality and virtual reality.
  • In mixed reality, user will be able to navigate through the real world and the virtual environment seamlessly at the same time.
2178  1 y 
  • It was founded in 1968 and was hailed as an international city by UNESCO, as its inhabitants are over 50 nationalities and different cultures.
  • Auroville is located in South India, 150 kilometers from Chennai in Madras.
  • People here coexist without any problem, do not use money and getting all living through the system of exchanges.
1531  1 y 
  • Uniform civil code is the proposal to replace the personal laws based on the scriptures and customs of each major religious community in India with a common set
  • Different religion in India have different laws for marriage, divorce, inheritance, adoption and maintenance.
  • Goa has a common family law, thus being the only Indian state to have a uniform civil code.
2386  1 y 
  • Few seconds glimpse on Facebook can also affect out mental status and influence our actions.
  • As we do exercise for increasing our physical strength, it is must to train our mind to develop good mental habits and remove bad habits.
  • Bad habits like comparison, jealousy, etc ruin our mental status and leads to depression and other mental disorder.
2136  1 y 
  • All the powers in the universe are already ours. It is we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark.
  • "Arise, awake, sleep no more; within each of you there is the power to remove all wants and all miseries. Believe this, and that power will be manifested.
  • Be free; hope for nothing. I am sure if u look back upon ur lives you will find that you were always vainly trying to get help from others which you never get.
4215  1 y 
  • Game changers are firm, quick and confident decision maker.
  • Game changers do have very high fear of failure. But fear of not trying is even bigger than former which makes them successful.
  • Game changers focuses on practice, learning and making them more capable, which helps them to take decision confidently.
2309  1 y 
  • Limited understanding of how social media works in a professional context.
  • Limited exposure to social media marketing and return of investment.
  • Lack of necessary skills to create social media content.
4080  1 y 
  • A profile picture frame must be submitted and approved before offering it to followers of a Facebook Page.
  • Use graphics with high contrast, bold colors and large simple shapes.
  • Use font size that is a minimum of 100 points at full 1200 x 1200 resolution.
2534  1 y 
  • Dynamic Ads: Must for e-commerce site. It help you retarget audiences across devices, and personalize ads based on browsing behavior.
  • Mobile App Install Ads: It helps you drive app downloads by allowing users to get inside your app in,showcase rating and any testimonials or features
  • Carousel Ads: Great for online retailers looking to show off numerous products, mobile app marketers with eye-catching in-app imagery, and lead generation.
2161  1 y 
  • An employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) is an employee-owner program that provides a company's workforce with an ownership interest in the company.
  • Under these plans, the employer gives certain stocks of the company to the employee for lesser costs which remain in the ESOP trust fund.
  • These plans are aimed at improving the performance of the company and help in minimizing problems related to incentives.
2177  1 y 
  • They're connected sunglasses that record video snippets that get saved to your Snapchat Memories.
  • Its camera has a 115-degree lens meant to more closely approximate how humans see.
  • Steps to use: Tap the button on the top left-hand corner of the sunglasses to begin recording a snap.
2812  1 y 
  • Promote tweets: To increase brand awareness, likes, retweets, mentions and creating buzz.
  • Promote account: To increase no of followers. This ads can be shown in timeline, who to follow window.
  • Promote website: To gain traffic, online purchase and quality leads.
1464  1 y 
  • Social Media Week is a leading news platform and worldwide conference
  • It curates and shares the best ideas, innovations and insights into how social media and technology are changing business, society and culture around the world.
  • SMW organizes conferences in 6 continents in 20 different countries.
1405  1 y 
  • Facebook has launched certification program for advertiser and media buyers.
  • As the most advanced-level program, Blueprint Certification demonstrates expertise across the Facebook family of products and services, including advertising.
  • Blueprint Certification is not only the most rigorous and reliable measure of Facebook advertising competency, it's the only one officially recognized by Faceb
1382  1 y 
  • Facebook provides access to track customers based on email id and mobile no
  • Create an excel sheet of email id, mobile no, birthdate, first name, last name of customers.
  • Go to ads manager of Facebook
1696  1 y 
  • Social networks: Sites that allow you to connect with other people of similar interests and background.
  • Bookmarking Sites – Sites that allow you to save, organize and manage links to various websites and resources around the internet.
  • Social News – Sites that allow people to post various news items or links to outside articles and then allows it’s users to”vote” on the items.
1561  1 y 
  • Donald John Trump (born June 14, 1946) is an American businessman, television personality, author, politician.
  • He is Republican Party nominee for President of the United States in the 2016 election.
  • He is chairman of The Trump Organization, which is the principal holding company for his real estate ventures and other business interests.
1590  1 y 
  • Login to facebook
  • Select the page for which you want to share rights from pages list.
  • Go to settings tab (near help)
2092  1 y 
  • Necessary: You need to be the owner of both your Google+ Local and Brand Page (not just an admin)
  • Necessary: Your Local Page must be verified.
  • 1. Log into Google+, select “Pages” from the left-hand navigation ribbon, and click “Manage This Page” on the Google+ Local Page you wish to transfer.
2336  1 y 
  • Login to Facebook
  • Go to ads manager or create ad( create one ad with $1 budget)
  • Add banking details( credit card details or netbanking details)
2606  2 y 
  • Current RBI governor replacing Raghuram Rajan...
  • PhD at Yale university, jovial in nature and high capabilities as an economist.
  • He is a macroeconomist, but as an IMF economist, he has been trained to go beyond the boundaries of macroeconomic policy.
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