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  • 1. Assume the pose of a conqueror, and stay like that for two minutes. The psychologist’s advice is to ’power-pose’ before any difficult task.
  • 2. Imagine your future self, you strive to make them come true as quickly as you can.
  • 3. Say thanks to your life, as we think positively and feel a surge of energy inside.
1188  11 m 
  • Bahubali2's women are better, stronger- Shown Devasena into meaty woman & her character more of credibility, where as Sivagami is also developed adequately.
  • Bahubali 2 Has better VFX- Some stellar, memorable sequences as the opening sequence with the Elephant, the fantastic song sequence & the climatic battle.
  • Bahubali2 is funnier- However in the first half there are a lot of comic interludes, these scenes successfully divert the attention from the emotionally intense
1850  1 y 
  • 01. Composition- Start with straight lines to create a powerful silhouette.
  • 02. Skeletal synthesis- Simplified the bone groupings: The arms, legs, feet and hands are asymmetrical, whereas the skull, rib cage and pelvis are symmetrical.
  • 03. Skeletal detail- Labelled the most important bones it will help to your anatomical figure.
1675  1 y 
  • Raster images are made up of thousands of pixels which determine the color and form of the image. Photos are raster images.
  • Vector-based images are made up of points, each of which has a defined X and Y coordinate.
  • CMYK( Cyan, Magenta, Yellow & Black ) is the standard color mode for sending documents to the printers.
916  10 m 
  • Christened as Vertu Signature Cobra, launched mobile phones, which costs Rs 2.3 crore or roughly $360,000 a piece.
  • The primary and main highlight of this super-expensive phone is the beautiful snake wrapped around its frame as if protecting it.
  • The snake has around 439 rubies and the Snake’s eye is made of emeralds, which costs around Rs 2-3 lakh per Karat, of the highest quality.
2136  1 y 
  • 1. Pair Contrasting Fonts: A great rule of thumb is to choose fonts with high contrast.
  • 2. Match Colors Within Your Designs Match the colors you use for your graphic elements such as fonts or text holders with a background image.
  • 3. Use Grids for Your Images Grids make for a quick & easy way to create your own layouts & are a unique Canva tool which help you layout & edit your image.
2416  1 y 
  • Build your own brand-the most important brand that you ever work on is your own, think about how creatively to get the new brand out there.
  • Get face-to-face- In an industry based on personal relationships, finding ways to weasel your way into agencies\studios to get face-to-face with the key people.
  • Avoid irritating gimmicks- Smart work is recognize every time then stupid gimmicks, so remember that it's fun but it exists to try and drum up new business.
1754  1 y 
  • Less, but Better - Simple design isn’t just about subtracting things from a design but to figure out how to “make it work.”
  • Be Neutral - Your design should provide an easy way for your viewer to make sense of the content.
  • Be Honest - Everything about the design should be suggestive of the product being sold or the information being conveyed.
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