2545  8 m 
  • You can read the entire article at: http://originatingideas.com/oi/2017/12/24/suicide/
  • Suicide, indeed a strong word to play with, has found a place in vernacular of young minds.
  • The thought of giving up needs to be fought by the child as well as the parents. In a versatile world it's difficult for child to cope without parents' support.
2026  8 m 
  • You can read the entire article at: http://originatingideas.com/oi/2017/06/01/know-your-college-p-d-p-u-khushboo-lakhwani/
  • With its huge stupefying campus in Gandhinagar and captivating greenery, Pandit Deendayal Petrolem University ranks 1st in Gujarat according to NIRF.
  • Hostels equipped with all the facilities and air-conditioned classes, along with supportive faculties help you learn as many things as you want.
6306  10 m 
  • You can read the entire article at: http://originatingideas.com/oi/2017/05/23/know-your-college-l-j-institute-naisargi-joshipura/
  • One of the top GTU-affiliated colleges of Gujarat, L.J.I.E.T Ahmedabad is home to many toppers and scholars of GTU.
  • The teaching methods, lab equipment, and technology used are beneficial in attaining conceptual success related to studies. Internal exams are held twice a year
4437  11 m 
  • You can read the entire article at: http://originatingideas.com/oi/2017/05/18/know-your-college-ms-university-vadodara-ift-rashmi-kothari/
  • Institute of Fashion Technology, MS University offers 3 bachelor degree courses: Fashion Communication, Garment Technology and Textile and Designing.
  • IFT holds 12-15 lecture halls including media room, textile designing lab and an amphitheatre, where all the events of IFT are organized.
2313  12 m 
  • You can view the entire article at: http://originatingideas.com/oi/2017/05/14/know-your-college-cept-university-nirjari-upadhyay/
  • "kuch paane ke liye kuch khonaa padta hai": Sacrifice sleep for the next five years.
  • Hands-on teaching by majority of alumni-turned faculties in a 24x7 beautiful campus. 85% attendance with submission deadlines almost everyday keeps you up 24/7.
1895  12 m 
  • The campus surrounded by greenery and beautiful lawns having 2 lecture halls with capacity of 300-350 students and another with capacity of 120 students.
  • A well equipped lab building, CEP Block, well-equipped classrooms and offices for meetings, discussions, workshops and various hands-on sessions.
  • For food, 6 counters, including one for non-veg and a dearly cafe where delicious and healthy food is served along with best cherished moments amidst nature.
1309  1 y 
  • You can read the entire article here at : http://originatingideas.com/oi/2016/08/21/parents-role/
  • parents have a huge impact on their child's future and sometimes they have to show more dedication towards it as compared to the child itself.
  • Every child needs to share his/her problems. If the parents help them vent out and don't show their superiority then it would all work out.
1683  1 y 
  • You can read the entire article here at : http://originatingideas.com/oi/2016/08/28/motivation-peer-pressure-and-comparisons/
  • No one can motivate you better than yourself and staying away from bad company and distractions is a part of it.
  • We are all humans and it is completely normal to feel low at times, these are the times when you need to motivate yourself and continue on the path to success.
1280  1 y 
  • You can view the entire article here at : http://originatingideas.com/oi/2016/08/07/know-thyself/
  • Family and friends matter. Success means a stage where we have achieved social & mental satisfaction and peace, which without family/friends loses its essence.
  • Knowing oneself might sound foolish. But if one knows himself/herself then, why do we try and copy others? Why do we want to lose our individualism?
1169  1 y 
  • You can read the complete article here at : http://originatingideas.com/oi/2016/09/11/failure-as-stepping-stones-to-success/
  • Psychologists say that the "fear of failure" is the biggest reason for depression in students and we have experienced the same in our school life.
  • Failure is rather insignificant because learning, growth, experience and struggle are always more important.
2024  8 m 
  • United World School of Law, awarded as the fastest emerging law school in India, is one of the handful institutes which provide world class legal education.
  • Located in Gandhinagar, it shares the lush green Karanavati campus with other fields like dentistry, management, fashion and mass media.
  • Faculties form around the world impart practical education rather than mugging up statutory laws. Many guests lectures for particular fields are organised here.
3130  8 m 
  • You can read the entire article here: http://originatingideas.com/oi/2017/05/25/know-your-college-nirma-tech-shivam-patel/
  • Institute of Technology, Nirma University offers Bachelor in Technology programs for 8 different Engineering disciplines.
  • The disciplines are: Computer, Information Technology, Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Electronics and Communication, Instrumentation and Control, and Chemical
4087  11 m 
  • You can view the entire article at: http://originatingideas.com/oi/2017/05/21/know-your-college-seas-himol-shah/
  • Known by many names, as in IICT-AU, IET-AU, SEAS-AU, offers 3 B.Tech courses: Information and Communication Technology, Mechanical and Chemical Engineering.
  • A novel approach of Project Based Learning is practiced here wherein students are given to work on at least one project to work on per one subject.
2424  12 m 
  • You can view the entire article at: http://originatingideas.com/oi/2017/05/16/know-your-college-bjmc-jyoti-gadhvi-khyati-patel/
  • The college is well-organized into various departments and labs located in the vast campus of Civil, providing everything for complete study on any subject.
  • Huge, A.C. lecture theaters, dissection halls, well equipped labs for physiology, pathology, microbiology and a MCQ Lab for MCQ exam update students about NEET.
2416  12 m 
  • You can read the complete article at: http://originatingideas.com/oi/2017/05/11/know-your-college-ilnu-prafull-bhardwaj/
  • ILNU shares a lush green campus with other resourceful institutions, having indoor and outdoor sports facilities.
  • The Institute has hostels with a limited capacity, which has gyms, dedicated mess, along with four different canteens and all other requires facilities.
1582  1 y 
  • You can read the entire article here at : http://originatingideas.com/oi/2016/07/10/time-management/
  • The biggest thing that we have learnt in this millennium is that everyone is short if time and time is of the essence.
  • From childhood to old age everyone has now learnt that time cannot be wasted.
1154  1 y 
  • TEC basically stands for T-time management ;E-effective studying; C-choices!!
  • Time-management is a skill which once learnt will help you throughout your life and everybody, no matter what their age is should always strive to master it.
  • We know that time is of the essence and we often complain about it, but once we realize the reason behind our complaint we are be half-way through the solution.
1219  1 y 
  • You can view the complete article here at : http://originatingideas.com/oi/2016/09/04/time-management-and-effective-studying-a-philosophical-approach/
  • Time management needs warmth, passion, determination and above all an attitude to achieve your goals.
  • To achieve something big in life, time-management is one small step towards it and ATTITUDE is the key.
1266  1 y 
  • You can view the entire article here at: http://originatingideas.com/oi/2016/08/14/goals-and-its-importance/
  • We all have set goals for ourselves but deep inside we know we haven't worked enough for them which hinders us from channeling ourselves properly.
  • Goals are the inner thoughts which inspire and motivate us. Without then our life loses its meaning and we end up wasting our time.
1516  1 y 
  • You can read the complete article here at : http://originatingideas.com/oi/2016/09/15/stress-management/
  • Stress is the biggest barrier that we need to overcome, it is our body's way of responding to various stimuli like pressure, over-thinking, comparisons, etc.
  • There are three questions that we need to ask ourselves to overcome stress: “What is stressing you?” “When are you under stress?” and “How to cope up with it?
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