570  4 m 
  • Login to Facebook
  • Click on Facebook Page for which you want to connect Instagram . (Note- You should have rights of that page)
  • Click on page settings from the header of the page.
403  6 m 
  • Facebook has announced an important new feature to give users more control over how their Facebook data is used – the option to totally delete browsing history.
  • This feature will enable you to see the websites and apps that send us information when you use them.
  • Also, delete this information from your account, and turn off our ability to store it associated with your account going forward.
751  6 m 
  • 1.Login to Facebook
  • 2. Open the page for which you want to download the data. Note: You must have rights to access the page.
  • 3. Click settings at the top of your page
3207  7 m 
  • Pros :
  • 1. Doctors can connect with patients and establish relationships online, allowing them to build credibility and trust with the growing social media community.
  • 2. Most cost-effective way to reach patients and influence them .
1844  7 m 
  • You cannot restrict people in viewing your profile in private mode but you can limit their visibility by following below steps:
  • 1. Login to your profile
  • 2. Click on Me( Your profile photo)-> Accounts-> Settings & Privacy
1510  9 m 
  • January 1: New Year's Day
  • January 6: Epiphany
  • January 7: Orthodox Christmas Day
1453  9 m 
  • January 01: English New Year
  • January 08: Swami Vivekananda Jayanti
  • January 13: Lohri
1430  9 m 
  • December 01: World AIDS Day
  • December 03: World Day of the Handicapped
  • December 04: Indian Navy Day
1085  9 m 
  • October 01: International Day for the Elderly
  • October 02: Gandhi Jayanthi
  • October 03: World Habitat Day
1059  9 m 
  • August 1st Sunday: International Friendship Day
  • August 06: Hiroshima Day
  • August 08: World Senior Citizen’s Day
959  9 m 
  • June 04: International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression
  • June 05: World Environment Day
  • June 3rd Sunday: Father’s Day
998  9 m 
  • April 01: April fool’s Day
  • April 02: World Autism Awareness Day (UN)
  • April 05: International Day for Mine Awareness; National Maritime Day
972  9 m 
  • February 02: World Wetlands Day
  • February 04: World Cancer Day
  • February 13: World Radio Day (UNESCO)
1618  9 m 
  • Following are different parameters based on which you can reach your potential audience on Twitter-
  • 1. Gender
  • 2. Age
2285  10 m 
  • In order to crosspost, first we need to establish a crossposting relationship with another Page and then choose which videos the Page can crosspost.
  • To establish a crossposting relationship with another Page, kindly follow these steps-
  • 1.Click Settings at the top of your Page(in which videos are uploaded). Let us say it primary page and the other on which it has to be cross posted as secondary
6027  11 m 
  • Lead Gen ads and Sponsored Content ads directing people to your website need to be ran in separate campaigns. As Lead gen ads direct to an in-built form.
  • Users on clicking ads redirect to Lead Gen Forms, which are only available within the LinkedIn app. So you can target only mobile app user via this ads.
  • Testing different variations in your campaign can lead to optimized results. Variation can be kept in ad copy, creative or headlines.
6068  12 m 
  • Using Facebook stories for sharing traveler experience.
  • Developing custom travel package based on insights from social media users.
  • Remarketing new packages to the existing customers based on last year tours.
3400  12 m 
  • With the Facebook Camera Effects platform and its Frame Studio feature, you can design a custom frame that overlays your Facebook content
  • To begin, visit Facebook's Camera Effects Platform page and click "Create a Frame"
  • Assign an owner to the frame you create (your personal profile or a Facebook Page) which will make sharing it easier later on.
2819  1 y 
  • Open business.google.com after login in google with the account from which your business is registered on Google My Business(GMB)
  • Click on "Manage location" button or GMB icon beneath the name of business.
  • On left menu bar, click on "Users"
2226  1 y 
  • The webpage URL was entered incorrectly
  • The LinkedIn Insight Tag wasn't implemented on the webpage.
  • The LinkedIn Insight Tag wasn't implemented on the webpage correctly.
1882  1 y 
  • 1. You'll receive access to Instagram Insights. Instagram Insights provide information on who your followers are, when they're online and more.
  • Business Profiles include a Contact button near the top of their profile. You'll have the option to include directions, a phone number and / or an email address
  • Business Profiles will show a category directly below the profile image. This category is the same as the category of your linked Facebook Page.
1693  1 y 
  • First of all, it needs to be clear, mostly all laptop have HDMI out and not HDMI in. So, we cannot depend of HDMI cable.
  • HDMI out from external camera id to be connected to a computer via a USB cable
  • Need a fast enough processor on your computer so it can encode the video before it makes it way to Facebook.
1655  1 y 
  • Only the owner of a Brand Account can grant people access to a YouTube channel.
  • Owners can add other owners and managers. You can choose to designate managers or communications managers for YouTube channels.
  • Step1 :On YouTube, sign in as the owner of the Brand Account.
1443  1 y 
  • Display ads: Appears to the right of the feature video and above the video suggestions list.
  • Overlay ads: Semi-transparent overlay ads that appear on the lower 20% portion of your video.
  • Skippable video ads: This allow viewers to skip ads after 5 seconds, if they choose. Inserted before, during, or after the main video.
2157  1 y 
  • December 01-World AIDS Day.
  • December 02-World Computer Literacy Day
  • December 02-International Day for Abolition of Slavery
1746  1 y 
  • October 01-World Vegetarian Day
  • October 01-International Day of Older Persons
  • October 02--International Day of Non-Violence
1723  1 y 
  • August 06-Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony
  • August 07-National Handloom Day (India)
  • August 09-International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples
1517  1 y 
  • June 01-Global Day of Parents
  • June 01-World Milk Day
  • June 04-International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression
6540  2 y 
  • Download OBS Studio (Open Broadcasting Software). Download link : https://obsproject.com/ (Also in reference)
  • Meanwhile, open the Facebook Page, on which you want to stream live.
  • Go to "Publishing Tools" ->"Videos" on left menu-> "+Live" on top right.
2152  2 y 
  • Social Media Page Management
  • Social Media Ad Management
  • Social Media Consultancy
2786  2 y 
  • Login to Facebook
  • Select the page for which lead ads were done.
  • Click Publishing tools from menu of that page.
3174  2 y 
  • Sign in to Google+.
  • In the top left corner, click the drop-down menu > click Profile.
  • Under your photo and profile summary, click About.
3284  2 y 
  • Sponsored content: To attract new followers andreach right audience with precise targeting options.
  • Sponsored InMail: To deliver personalized, relevant content through LinkedIn Messenger.
  • Text Ads: To start generating leads in minutes.
2229  2 y 
  • You’ve probably noticed a decline in your email open rates and click-throughs over the last few years.
  • Even the best marketers with lists of 100,000+ prospects and customers are only achieving 20% to 30% open rates and 4% to 8% click through rates .
  • Compare that to 1.18 billion of Facebook’s 1.79 billion users logging in every day, i.e., 67%
3365  2 y 
  • Create a web page which you want to stream live. Sample web page is given in reference section. Download it.
  • Unzip it on your computer. Now open the index.html file with a text editor. As you can see, there are some settings to configure.
  • Create an app on Facebook via developers.facebook.com
3143  2 y 
  • On your Page, click manage tab -> Add a tab -> Shop tab.
  • Check the I agree to the Merchant Terms and Policies box, then click Continue.
  • Choose Check Out on Facebook and click Continue.
2044  2 y 
  • Social media is a key player in the job search process today.
  • Sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ allow employers to get a glimpse of who you are outside the confines of a résumé, cover letter, or interview
  • Make sure any profiles you write are free of typos, the information is coherent and applicable to your industry.
2999  2 y 
  • People who know what they are talking about, don't need Powerpoint.
  • An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a parachute on the way down.
  • In our factory, we make lipstick. In our advertising, we sell HOPE.
462  5 m 
  • As you know, now we can post live updates on Google My Business that stays on GMB profile for 48 hours.
  • Now, we can post event and offers through the same window like Facebook.
  • In event post, we can add title, post description, timing and call to action button.
792  6 m 
  • January 27: National Chocolate Cake Day
  • February 2: National Tater Tot Day
  • First Monday of February: National Frozen Yogurt Day
1439  6 m 
  • 1. Create Google My Business profile and list all business location with accurate information.
  • 2. Update interior, exterior, team images, link YouTube channel on GMB( Google My Business).
  • 3. Create location specific webpages through GMB.
1425  7 m 
  • Facebook do not consider each type of post with similar priority .
  • Mostly the most engaging gets the highest priority and thus highest reach.
  • So, the order remains as below till early 2018:
3104  8 m 
  • There are numerous campaigns that can be developed on social media for valentine but let's list down some of the best :
  • 1. Creating a Facebook/Snapchat frame for valentine and rewarding users on using it.
  • 2. Selfie with your Valentine contest : Here brands can ask their customers to share selfie with valentine and post it. The most likes can be rewarded.
8958  9 m 
  • January 30: World Leprosy Eradication Day
  • February 4: World Cancer Day
  • February 12: Sexual & Reproductive Health Awareness Day
1702  9 m 
  • 1. To keep you organized: By managing your brand on multiple platform, it becomes messy sometimes and kill your efficiency.
  • 2. Stay informed: Knowing what you’ll say and when you’ll say it saves time so you can get other important things done.
  • 3. Don't miss important dates: Holidays, events, product launches ,campaigns are important dates and ensure that you don’t which you can plan in advance.
1336  9 m 
  • November 08: International Radiology Day
  • November 09: Legal Services Day
  • November 10: Transport Day
972  9 m 
  • September 02: Coconut Day
  • September 05: Teachers’ Day; Sanskrit Day
  • September 07: World Forgiveness Day
10652  9 m 
  • July 01: Doctor’s Day
  • July 04: America Independence Day
  • July 06: World Zoonoses Day
2077  9 m 
  • May 01: Workers’ Day (International Labour Day)
  • May 03: Press Freedom Day; World Asthma Day
  • May 2nd Sunday: Mother’s Day
1442  9 m 
  • March 03: National Defense Day
  • March 04: National Security Day
  • March 08: International Women’s Day; Intl. Literacy Day
1005  9 m 
  • January 25: National Voters day
  • January 26: India’s Republic Day, International Customs Day
  • January 30: Martyrs’ Day; World Leprosy Eradication Day
1295  9 m 
  • Facebook dominates as a source of social traffic and sales. Nearly two thirds of all social media visits to e-commerce stores come from Facebook.
  • Facebook has the highest conversion rate for all social media ecommerce traffic at 1.85%
  • Posting one or two updates each day promoting your products, upcoming sales or contests and use Dynamic Ads for remarketing.
2983  10 m 
  • To get started, go to developers.facebook.com and click the “Add a new app” button to create a new Facebook app.
  • Give your app a name and click the Create button to get your own App ID. It is simple sequence of digits like 1839871239373637.
  • Go to Facebook page, click the setting tab, choose messenger platform, Whitelist domain, enter the full URL of website and click save.
5155  12 m 
  • 1. Education: Firms may offer disease-specific educational information aimed at consumers.
  • The goal is to help patients understand their disease so that they may better engage with their healthcare providers to improve outcomes.
  • 2.Marketing: Social media can be used as another channel of communications to share press releases on new drugs, devices, features, clinical trial results,etc.
3981  12 m 
  • Others can create frame at your location to potentially overshadowing or sabotaging your efforts!
  • To avoid this, you need to follow these steps-
  • Click 'Settings' in the top right of your Facebook Page.
2643  1 y 
  • Here are 5 social media marketing trends, healthcare marketers should be on the lookout -
  • Live-Streaming: Some of the most talked about apps these days are live-streaming apps such as Periscope and Meerkat. Also Facebook Live with doctors rules.
  • Mobile Dominance: Designs of post to the caption needs to be mobile compatible considering 72% traffic comes from mobile.
2051  1 y 
  • Create ad creative with simple and clear call to action
  • Create different ad set with segmented audience
  • Create a matched audience by 1. Uploading existing customer database 2. Website visitors
2038  1 y 
  • Login to Instagram via phone-> Click on Edit Profile
  • Click Try Instagram Business Tools
  • Before you continue to next page, make sure you are login to Facebook account having the business page of the same brand.
1525  1 y 
  • Sign in to your Google account.
  • Go to the YouTube channel switcher.
  • Click Create A New Channel.
1640  1 y 
  • Sponsored Content: To reach LinkedIn members right in the LinkedIn feed and beyond
  • Text Ads: To drive targeted leads across multiple LinkedIn pages
  • Sponsored InMail: To send targeted messages directly to the people who matter most to your business
1387  1 y 
  • Copy the keywords list from URL in the reference below.
  • Select Edit Page, Update Settings
  • Select Edit under page moderation
1490  1 y 
  • November 01-World Vegan Day
  • November 06-International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of Environment in War and Armed Conflict
  • November 08-World Radiography Day
1676  1 y 
  • September 02-Coconut Day
  • September 05-Teacher’s Day (India)
  • September 08- International Literacy Day
1713  1 y 
  • July 01-National Doctors’ Day (India)
  • July 01-International Joke Day
  • July 02-World Sports Journalists Day
1501  1 y 
  • May 01-International Workers Day/Labour Day
  • May 03-World Press Freedom Day
  • May 08-World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day
2257  2 y 
  • Login to your facebook account
  • Select the page for which you want to send invites.
  • Click on "Invite friends to like this page" on right side card below total page likes.
1793  2 y 
  • Login to ads manager
  • Select " Traffic" or " Website clicks"
  • In website url section put event link e.g., https://www.facebook.com/events/xxxxxxxxxxxxx/
2169  2 y 
  • The new feature will enable users to take photos or videos, draw on them, and share them with your contacts.
  • And these will be encrypted, like the rest of WhatsApp’s communications.
  • This updates shall remain for only 24 hours. Similar to that of Snapchat and Instagram
3709  2 y 
  • You have ten or more followers (people who have added you to their circles)
  • Your account is at least 30 days old
  • Your profile has a profile photo
2744  2 y 
  • Login to plus.google.com and click on top right icon of your profile.
  • Select the page you want to manage permission for additional user.
  • Click on manage account -> Manage permissions.
2385  2 y 
  • Social Media is changing the way politicians communicate with voters, altering the tone and content of political speech.
  • The prevalence of social media in politics has made elected officials and candidates for public office more accountable and accessible to voters.
  • It gives the ability to publish content and broadcast it to millions of people instantaneously allowing campaigns to carefully manage their candidates’ images
3101  2 y 
  • A social media wall is a live or aggregated feed of social posts from sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, displayed on any digital signage display.
  • Posts using specific hashtags or handles are funneled to the display, which rotates in new content automatically.
  • Social media walls are a great way to engage customers and guests with your brand by encouraging them to share posts that will appear on-screen.
2638  2 y 
  • As per agreement, "Placements" product will be adopted by all All India Council for Technical Education approved Indian colleges.
  • Placements provides a level playing field for all students, take an online assessment test and gives them direct access to thousands of openings.
  • Placements was piloted in November 2015 and then LinkedIn opened the product in September 2016 to students at all colleges and universities in India.
2108  2 y 
  • Login to Facebook.com
  • Go to developers.facebook.com
  • Create a facebook app id from top right corner on the name of your brand.
2779  2 y 
  • Holiday is a prime time to get highest traction from users, if projected in a proper, dynamic and creative way.
  • It's an opportunity for your brand to give your fans a little surprise and delight while creating more reach and visibility for yourself. So let's start:
  • 1. Holiday specific Photo contest: Ask users to send their photos while celebrating holiday with your products and engage them.
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