The 5 Characteristics of Social Media Websites That Go Viral

  • 1. Know what’s important to the users.
  • What the user needs is the first consideration when you want to create a social media website that goes viral.
  • Think of it this way: will a user become so excited about a feature or tool on your site that they encourage their friends to use it too?
  • 2. Integrate features that encourage interactions.
  • Online interactions are the fuel on which online communities thrive.
  • The desire to interact is why there will are forums and social networking sites, so it’s important that you integrate features that foster interactions.
  • 3. Provide powerful visual and creative tools.
  • Users make the rules when it comes to what is shared online, so it’s wise that social networking sites provide the tools to encourage required user's behavior
  • For example, users tend to spend more time on sites that encourage some creative activity and which produces a visual result
  • 4. Push notification is a must-have.
  • Creating a social media site that goes viral requires keeping users updated on the activities happening in their network.
  • You never know which notification about something a user cares about will trigger an engaging discussion with potential to go viral.
  • The site setup should include layouts that allow users to easily access, interact, and share content.
  • 5. Create the setup with "shareability" in mind.
  • Building a successful social network requires that the end is considered right from the beginning.
  • All functionalities must be planned according to the user behaviors anticipated.
  • Features such as sharing buttons, call-to-actions, tagging, image size, and site layout can encourage sharing among groups

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