How was it invented Series - Homework

  • The invention of homework can be dated back to the 1095 in the city of Venice.
  • All the credit mostly goes to Roberto Nevilis for being one of the first to give homework.
  • Since formal educational system was developed at the same time as homework it became a part of it in European countries.
  • Roberto Nevilis, who was an Italian educator, assigned homework to his students as a punishment for unruly behavior.
  • In the United States homework was rarely practiced in most places until the turn of the 20th century.
  • In fact, in 1901 the legislature in California passed an act that basically abolished homework for all students from kindergarten up to the eighth grade.
  • However, attitudes began changing after World War II when the Cold War was settling in and the need for more scientists in particular was encouraged.
  • By the 1990s,the attitudes of most Americans favored homework to a considerable degree and now it is found in most parts of the country for students from grade.

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