How to use Google trends to create best content & improve SEO?

  • 1. Identify seasonal trends, then create content at the RIGHT time!
  • 2. Learn Amount of Keyword Traffic
  • 3. Avoid “keyword unicorns” by checking for data‐skewing popularity spikes
  • 4. Plan future content- If a product is trending downward, then maybe it’s time to think about shifting content resources to another topic or product.
  • 5. Find relevant topics that are trending RIGHT NOW…then capitalize on them
  • 6. Use Google Trends data to help plan your content calendar
  • 7. Use “related queries” to find NEW keyword ideas
  • 8.See EXACTLY which cities and subregions NEED your products or services
  • 9. Refine your video SEO strategy by analyzing WHAT people are searching for on YouTube

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