How to Stop a Car with No Brakes

  • 1 Don't panic! Overreacting to this situation will only make it more dangerous.
  • 2 Take your foot off the gas and turn off cruise control (if on). Cruise control systems should turn off as soon as you touch the brake or clutch.
  • 3 Pay attention to how your brake pedal feels.
  • If it’s soft and goes to the floor, you may have low fluid, a faulty master cylinder or problems with your drums or calipers.
  • If, however, your brake pedal is hard and does not move, something in your brake system may have seized or you may have an obstruction under the pedal.
  • 4 Pump your brakes. Pumping your brakes several times may rebuild enough pressure in the braking system for you to stop.
  • 5 Shift into low gear. Shifting into lower gears helps slow you by using your engine to slow the car.
  • 6 Use the emergency brake it can usually stop a vehicle, although it will take longer than usual to come to a stop because it only stops rear wheels.
  • 7 Keep your eyes on the road and continue to steer. Pay attention to what’s in front of you, and maneuver to avoid heavy traffic, pedestrians, and obstacles.
  • 8 Warn other drivers and pedestrians. Turn your hazard lights on, and honk your horn to make others aware that there is a problem.
  • 9 If you have room on either side of you, steer sharply from side-to-side. Turning creates friction, which slows your car naturally.
  • Do not do this at high speeds. It may flip your car and turn too sharply at any speed can spin your car around, so be careful.
  • 10 Use your surroundings to slow the vehicle.
  • Use terrain to your advantage. Try to seek out inclines that you can go up. Use guardrails to slow your vehicle.Use road friction to slow your vehicle.
  • Small trees and shrubbery will slow your vehicle when all else fails. Try to put your vehicle through the center of a line of shrubs or saplings.
  • 11 Look for a safe spot to pull over (or to crash). Scan the road ahead for a safe area to pull over once you’re able to come to a stop.
  • If you’re not able to bring the vehicle to a complete stop, look for open spaces that you can coast across without hitting anything.

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