What PM Modi said on his Mann Ki Baat?

  • PM Narendra Modi in his man ki baat address on Sunday said that a befitting response has been given to those coveting the country’s territory.
  • India and china have been engaged in a face off in the eastern ladakh area since the month of may.
  • The face off took a violent turn on June 15th when 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a skirmish with the chinese PLA soldiers.
  • The brave soldiers of the country have shown that they will never let down the mother land and always protect its honour and sovereignty.
  • “India knows how to fulfil its commitment to friendship but at the same time the country can give an appropriate and firm response “ PM Modi said.
  • Martyr Kundan Kumar’s father from Bihar has said that he will also send his grandson to the armed forces to protect the country.
  • Commending the sacrifice of the soldiers who died in the violent faceoff with the chinese forces, PM said that the true spirit of every Martyr’s family in the country and the sacrificing spirit of the soldiers.....
  • ..... and the sacrificing spirit of the soldiers and their family was worth worshipping.
  • India bows to its brave martyr’s who have lost their lives in Ladakh and their valour will always be remembered, PM Modi said in his man ki baat. Families who have lost their sons still want to send their other....
  • Children to the armed forces, he added.

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