7 Unused Facebook Advertising Tools for Driving Digital Revenue

  • Dynamic Ads: Must for e-commerce site. It help you retarget audiences across devices, and personalize ads based on browsing behavior.
  • Mobile App Install Ads: It helps you drive app downloads by allowing users to get inside your app in,showcase rating and any testimonials or features
  • Carousel Ads: Great for online retailers looking to show off numerous products, mobile app marketers with eye-catching in-app imagery, and lead generation.
  • Lead Ads: You can customize a form to capture only the information. Grow inbound inquiries, email subscriptions, signups, applications,
  • Custom Audience : Ad targeting option that lets marketers serve ads to their existing customers, that works best when segmented by behavior or demographics.
  • Lookalike Audiences: If you already keep a list of your most valuable customers, you can find more Facebook users like them with this tool.
  • Audience Network :This targeting option enables marketers to extend their ads to reach people outside of Facebook, in other mobile apps.