Pewdiepie Vs T-series

  • So this was one of the most famous event in tech and gamer's world. You channel pewdiepie Aka Felix Kjellberg was top subscribed channel on YouTube.
  • But last year T series started gaining subscriber last year at tremendous rate. It climbed from 20 million to 60 million in an year.
  • This enraged many of the pewdiepie fans (i.e 9 year old army) . And started a campaign for the next 5 months.
  • During pewdiepie campaign he put out song such as bitch lasagna.Which were little bit mean and insulting.
  • He also started a donation for underprivileged Indian kids. As their were many hate comments on India.
  • Though pewdiepie took care that he wouldn't Insult India. His Fan another youtuber known as Mr Beast AKA Jimmy Donaldson had passed some aggressive hate comments.
  • T series has now passed 100 million mark while pewdiepie currently have somewhere about 96 million subscriber.

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