Zakir Khan the boy next door

  • Zakir Khan is one of the leading stars of India’s new generation of stand-up comedians and YouTubers.
  • He first stole the limelight when he won Comedy Central’s contest of ‘India’s Best Stand-Up Comedian.’
  • He also writes and co-hosts ‘On Air with AIB’ (All India Bakchod), a comedy news channel.
  • He has worked as a radio jockey, producer, copy writer and researcher for HT Media Ltd (Fever 104FM).
  • He is from a musical background and very passionate about reciting and writing Urdu and Hindi poetry.
  • He has a staggering following on YouTube and Twitter with 600k and 72k followers respectively.
  • He often collaborates with other popular comedians and co-hosted the 5th Golden Kela Award with famous stand-up comedians Papa CJ and Vir Das.
  • His famous YouTube video ‘Life Me Chahiye Izzat’ has over five million views.

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