Accomplishment of ISRO

  • In 2008, the first space mission to the moon was made by India with the launch of Chandrayaan. Most importantly, it was used to study the topography covering the Earth.
  • ISRO successfully launched Mars Orbiter Mission also known as MOM using PSLV-XL In 2013 and it was one of the biggest achievements of ISRO.
  • India has been using the NAVIC or Navigation with Indian Constellation for operations. With this, it makes India one of the top 5 countries to own a navigation system.
  • AstroSat, India's first dedicated space observatory may be 10 times smaller than Hubble Telescope but is the first space telescope launched by a developing country.
  • It has also developed CARTOSAT/EMISAT which are series of spy satellite protecting over nation from foreign adversaries.

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