How Pharma companies can use Social Media?

  • 1. Education: Firms may offer disease-specific educational information aimed at consumers.
  • The goal is to help patients understand their disease so that they may better engage with their healthcare providers to improve outcomes.
  • 2.Marketing: Social media can be used as another channel of communications to share press releases on new drugs, devices, features, clinical trial results,etc.
  • 3. CSR promotions- Brand can build trust when it comes to community service, major investments in charities and their commitment to society.
  • 4.Connection with Customers/Patients: One powerful way the industry can use social media is to create patient support groups and communities.
  • 5. Connection with Physician-Customers: Pharma can conduct Twitter chats with physician-customers, an efficient means of education.
  • Pharma can engage a large number of physicians at one time with pharma’s own best and brightest scientists and researchers.
  • 6. Listening: Social listening can be very powerful. Pharma can identify unmet needs to innovate and figure out where R&D dollars should go.
  • By listening, a brand can get an idea for what types of programming is already present in the social space—and how to better innovate and do something new.
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