Things to Know About LinkedIn Lead Gen Ads

  • Lead Gen ads and Sponsored Content ads directing people to your website need to be ran in separate campaigns. As Lead gen ads direct to an in-built form.
  • Users on clicking ads redirect to Lead Gen Forms, which are only available within the LinkedIn app. So you can target only mobile app user via this ads.
  • Testing different variations in your campaign can lead to optimized results. Variation can be kept in ad copy, creative or headlines.
  • Asking for too much information in the form, can lead to reduced results.
  • Advertisers can't edit or delete a form. So need to take care while building a form for ads.
  • Clicks and Opens on your lead ads are not the same thing. Clicks is sumof click on logo, the sponsored content to open the form, or the social button.
  • Lead data is only stored for 90 days. So it is beneficial to connect it with CRM to automatically import leads as they come through.
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