Why Facebook advertising is a tool for success for a company?

  • 1. People spend a lot of time on Facebook and this can be taken as a major factor for advertising a product on Facebook.
  • 2. Facebook advertising increases website traffic. And for any company it becomes important to make the audience gather at their website.
  • 3. Facebook advertising is measurable. It becomes easy for the person to know how many impressions, clicks and conversions the company is receiving.
  • 4. Advertising your product on Facebook becomes so cheap that you should not worry about other advertisements. Facebook advertising is so cheap yet productive.
  • 5.Facebook advertising builds engagement. It holds your target audience and give regular updates so that the trustworthiness between company and customer rises.
  • 6. Facebook advertising helps you to break into new markets. It helps you in increasing not only offline sales, but also online sales in the world.
  • 7 .Facebook advertising is more effective than organic. To be successful, you have to use Facebook advertising. Organic Facebook is almost dead.
  • 8. Facebook advertising is budget-friendly. You can set your own daily budget or lifetime budget. But the budget should be fixed as per the product requirements

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