Here's why 'Bahubali 2' is better than first 'Bahubali'

  • Bahubali2's women are better, stronger- Shown Devasena into meaty woman & her character more of credibility, where as Sivagami is also developed adequately.
  • Bahubali 2 Has better VFX- Some stellar, memorable sequences as the opening sequence with the Elephant, the fantastic song sequence & the climatic battle.
  • Bahubali2 is funnier- However in the first half there are a lot of comic interludes, these scenes successfully divert the attention from the emotionally intense
  • Katappa comes full circle- Wielding his sword, Comic scenes, emotional turmoil all in all, Katappa comes across as a full-fledged character beautiful portrayed.
  • Hamsa Naava > Dheevara- Hamsa Naava song is a spectacular sequence well-executed, well-imagined & themost beautiful song in Indian cinema, Dheevara pales.