Weird Hacks That Make Your Brain Smart

  • 1. Brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand- Use your secondary hand for this task as it results in rapid expansion in parts of the cortex that control and process tactile information from the hand.
  • 2. Close your eyes while taking a bath- Try to turn on the shower or tap with your eyes closed. Closing eyes also boosts your memory and helps you remember things.
  • 3. Turn the objects upside down- Turn pictures, desk clock, or a bottle upside down. As you look at things right-side up, your left brain identifies it right away. However, the right brain is put to use in such a case.
  • 4. Switch places- Don't sit on the same chair that you always do. Your brain gets to experience the same place in a different manner by switching places.
  • 5. Solve puzzles- Solving puzzles is like exercising the brain. It is not only fun, but also helps in making your brain razor sharp.
  • 6. Take a different route to work every once in a while- Monotony can also hamper brain function. In order to keep the brain active, it is important to give it new experiences once in a while.
  • 7. Introduce new scents to your olfactory senses- By inhaling different fragrances and experiencing varied smells, you can alert new neural pathways.
  • 8. Read differently- Different brain circuits are used while reading aloud or listening to someone reading, which strengthens the neural pathways.

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