Adolf Hitler

  • Yes, that’s right. The creator of the Nazi party, the man responsible for mass genocide during World War II, was indeed a great ruler.
  • He belonged to just a small normal family. But the way he reached from a small farm side house kid to the great leader of the Nazi party, is certainly an epic.
  • He was a great speaker and he used this quality to conquer the minds of people.
  • Germany was in bad times when Hitler rose to power, and Hitler was the charamistic leader that the Germans could look up to.
  • He certainly changed the entire social structure of Germany during second world war.
  • Through his charismatic speeches,he made people develop faith in him.
  • He turned the entire country against Jews and proved that they are the only reason behind all the problems that Germany is facing.
  • Even if it was a terrible thing to do, it was no mean feat and required the skills and prowess of a great leader.
  • He possessed great mind capturing ability. His ways of convincing people are extra ordinary.
  • Though his ways were terrible, but this doesn’t change Hitler’s identification as a great leader

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