What are characteristics of ideal digital or social media strategy for pharma?

  • While a lot of pharma and healthcare companies have started going for digital & social media strategies, the success remains limited due to various reasons. Below are the key components needed for success in my opinion:
  • 1. Personalized messaging: Centralized solution with the ability to support personalized marketing campaigns for different local markets e.g., message sequence should depend on what has been read previously by the doctor
  • 2. Orchestration of efforts: Enable marketing teams to define configurable sequence of marketing messages, which includes a combination of physical touch-points, emails, messages, webinars, and website interactions
  • 3. Support direct sales: Smooth and seamless engagement of sales team with physicians in combination with multiple digital channels such as webinars, live chat, and push messaging
  • 4. Support tactical needs: System that enables trigger (event specific) based marketing and integrates dynamic content in email campaigns
  • 5. Continuous optimization: Capability to experiment and optimise campaign performance through regular monitoring, analysis, and requisite A/B test experiments for optimization purpose
  • 6. Multilingual: Localised language support for key markets with adherence to local regulations, compliance issues, and business conduct, making it true local engagement

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