Secrets a food stylist will never tell you

  • The froth you see on a cappuccino is not the steaming milk but a soap solution.
  • Stylists usually paint on the grill marks to give it a more convincing look.
  • Fruits are soaked in fresh lemon juice solution to keep it fresh.
  • A wet cotton ball is heated in the microwave and placed discretely under the potato spud to give it a steaming look.
  • Many foods are sprayed with oil for a glistening luster.
  • Cheese is simmered in water before laying it on the burger (which is cold) to make it look like the patty is straight off the charring pan.
  • Be it stacks of pancakes or sandwiches, cardboard pieces are inserted in between layers to give a firmer base.
  • Food coloring is used in juices.
  • Each layer is held together with toothpicks while larger stacks are held together with skewers.
  • For the freshest look, salad leaves are spritzed with water and this also helps to keep the greens crisp.

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