Arsenic - the immunity booster medicine against Covid prescribed by AYUSH

  • For homeopathic use, arsenicum album is prepared by separating arsenic from iron (as in arsenopyrite), cobalt, or nickel by baking athigh temperatures. The powder is then ground and diluted with lactose.
  • In the final dilution, statistically most pills will contain zerv molecules of the original arsenic used; some might contain a single molecule. The final product is sold as tinctures (Liquid). tablets, pellets, or powder
  • Key homeopathic uses include attempting to treat anxiety and "bear caused by insecurity", digestive disorders and mucosal inflammation, and ailments characterized symptomatically by burning pain.
  • In Indian scenario, CCRH had so far undertaken clinical trials in Dengue and Acute Encephalitis syndrome/JE with Homoeopathy as an add-on to usual care in tertian care setups.
  • In Dengue Hemorrhagic fever, add on Homoeopathy could bring early improvement in platelet count and decrease in hospital stay by 2 days.
  • Similarly, in Acute Encephalitis Syndrome/Japanese Encephalitis homeopathy as an adjuvant to the Institutional Management protocol could decrease death rate by 15% in comparison to those who received only....
  • .....Institutional Management protocol. In both the studies, adverse effect was not observed.
  • Keeping in view the clinical success in above mentioned severe viral diseases, Homoeopathy as an adjuvant to the usual care may be tried in COVID-19 patients.
  • With regard to the positive results from the prophylactic homoeopathic medicine during epidemic outbreaks of various diseases during recent past, the Scientific Advisory Board of our Council in meeting held on....
  • ....2020 discussed to find out possible genus epidemicus for recent outbreak of corona virus in China.
  • The sign and symptoms of the patients were referred from the recent publication from the clinical history of patients of Wuhan, China in Lancet titled,.....
  • .."Clinical features of patients infected with 2019 novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China". Therefore, the Health advisory given by Ministry of AYUSH against corona virus infection included Homoeopathic medicine Arsenicum.
  • Arsenic album is a common prescription in the cases of respiratory infections in day to day practice. People however should also follow general measures as per the Health Advisory above.
  • AYUSH is amalgamation of Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha & Homeopathy. The Ministry Of AYUSH has got boost since the BJP government has come into power.
  • In initiation period AYUSH got more than 1000 crore budget allocation in 2014.

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