How to promote event on facebook- paid marketing

  • Steps to create an ad and promote it on facebook:-
  • Create ad
  • Select a marketing objective (Engagement)
  • In Engagement, select event responses and add a campaign name accordingly
  • Select audience from saved audience or you can create new audience.
  • For the new audience, select age group.Specify gender. Add demographics, interests or behaviors of the audience you want.
  • You may also add connections on which you want to promote this event.
  • Now, save this audience you have selected.
  • For placements, you can choose either automatic or edit placements according to your budget.
  • For budget, you can select daily budget or lifetime budget and add the amount accordingly, keeping in mind that the minimum budget should not be less than Rs 40
  • For schedule, set a start date and end date.
  • Now, check optimization for ad delivery and you can set a bid amount either by manual bidding or keep it as automatic.
  • Now, add an ad set name and continue.
  • Choose a page on which you want to promote the event.
  • Add an image, a URL of the event and relevant text.
  • At last, review your order and then place it.

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