Odisha (Dola Yatra)

  • Dola Yatra is the notable festival of this state.
  • Which triggers the construction of the oriya calendar and it’s consequent presentation to their deity Jagannath.
  • Who also carries another name of DolaGovinda.
  • Dola Yatra or Melana or Milan usually the festival says about Milan or Get together.
  • Milan of Deities basically Lord Gopinath Dev and Lord Bhagabat from different nearby villages.
  • Dola Yatra, the festival at puri is performed from the 10th day of bright fortnigh upto full moon day of Falguna.
  • On this occasion the representatives of the deities are taken to the Dola vedi.
  • Where the play of Fagu or Holy is sprinkled and people participated in it with great rejoice.
  • The festival is otherwise known as Basant Ustav.
  • However, Dola Yatra is very important festival in the Puri District which is also called Dola Melana.
  • The Sassana villagers observe this Dola Melana is very interesting.

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