What will be the impact of Suspension of foreign work visas in US?

  • US President Donald Trump has issued a proclamation to suspend issuing of H-1B visas, which is important for Indian IT professionals
  • According to him the step was essential to help millions of Americans who have lost their jobs due to the current economic crisis.
  • The decision is expected to impact a large number of Indian IT professionals and several American and Indian companies who were issued H-1B visas by the US government.
  • It would also impact a large number of Indian IT professionals who are seeking renewal of their H-1B visas.
  • The temporary suspension of foreign work visas including H-1B and L1, that benefit Indian IT professionals, is expected to free up to 5,25,000 jobs in the US.
  • Trump said that the overall unemployment rate in the United States nearly quadrupled between February and May of 2020-producing some of the most extreme unemployment rates ever recorded by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • A proclamation of Trump on Monday temporarily suspended till the end of the current year a number of popular non-immigrant visas including the H-1B, H-4, H-2B visa, J and L visas.
  • The H-1B is the high-tech visa. H-2B is a bit of a low-skill catchall. H-4 is the spouses of certain other visa holders, including H-1B and H-2B.
  • Trump is extending the pause on new immigrant visas through the end of the year to ensure that the US continues putting American workers first during the ongoing coronavirus recovery.

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