Useful Design Tips Explained With Beautiful, Inspiring Grahics

  • 1. Contrasting typefaces make a grate duo
  • 2. Use light and bold font variants for emphasis and impact
  • 3. Be creative with letters and symbols by applying scale to form interesting compositions.
  • 4. Use shapes to create contrast and offset your background image.
  • 5. Let your background determine how you align your text. Find space with less noise for placement.
  • 6. Use scale as a visual element to place emphasis on words.
  • 7. Create clever compositions by letting the features within images guide where to lace your type.
  • 8. Push your creative skills by stacking different weight typefaces for a stylised effect.
  • 9. Use one color consistently across your all the elements in your graphic.
  • 10. Contain your content by using a frame around your text.
  • 11. Use colors from your background image to apply to your text.
  • 12. Use different fonts on the same words and see how their tone differs.
  • 13. Help textures speak through design elements with transparency.
  • 14. Monochromatic style graphics never get old. Use black and white filters combined with white text for an epic contrast effect.
  • 15. Use shapes to create symbolism that reinforces a message in your graphic.

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