What is the scientific theory of management by Frederick W. Taylor?

  • Taylor, who was a mechanical engineer, is considered the pioneers of management theory development.
  • He was interested in the work done in factories and mechanical shops and scouted many owners and workshops.
  • Taylor was engrossed in improving the systems of work and he thought some incentives could do it.
  • He believed fair wage, a monetary incentive is the best way and pay for the workers.
  • FW Taylor was of the first one to have an opinion that the primary functions of managers should be planning and training.
  • Taylor used his scientific knowledge and approached planning the work by dividing it into small components and used time studies to evaluate time taken for each work to be done.
  • This method helped him reduce the time taken to get the work done in the factory.
  • In 1909, Taylor published The Principles of Scientific Management. In this book, he suggested that productivity would increase if jobs were optimized and simplified.
  • He also proposed the idea of hiring workers on the basis of specific requirements for a job and the suitability of the skills to that criteria.
  • Training the worker for maximum efficiency and distinction between management and labor for better planning and execution by them was also the principle given by him.
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    Fredrick W. Taylor is called the Father Of Scientific Management for his contributions.

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