Dream Jobs For People Who Loves To Travel

  • Travel Writer-If your writings get enough exposure, then embassies from different countries will literally pay you to go there, experience and write about them.
  • English Teacher-English teachers are extremely sought after, so having a background in literature can hold you in good stead in several parts of the world.
  • Travel Nursing- Even a complete newbie can apply for nursing jobs abroad, with full pay, medical insurance and even accommodation in some cases.
  • Flight Attendant- You get to travel everywhere and get free flights plus crazy discounts on flights for your family.
  • Residency Organic Farming or WWOOFing- Just select a country that you want to go to, apply for an organic farming position, and stay there for almost a year.
  • Work on a cruise ship- Cruise ships have openings for several different positions like photographers and servers, you also get to experience a whole new world.
  • Bartender- One of the most sustainable options around, especially if you like your life shaken, not stirred.
  • Scuba/Surf/Ski Instructor- Do a small course on your adventure of choice and then you're eligible for one of the most satisfying jobs around.
  • Retail Buyer- Might not sound glamorous, you'll get paid dollops of money to go abroad, deal with vendors and negotiate a buy.
  • Au Pair- Indians can live abroad and study if they so wish while taking care of a host family's children.
  • Travel Agent- Again, a slightly hectic job that involves listening to a lot of shouts and handling a lot of people. But you get to travel a hell lot of places.
  • International Aid Worker- You not only get to travel far out in this job space, but you also get to see the other side of the world.
  • Merchant Navy- A great option for those who love to travel. There's adventure around every corner and a sense of freedom combined with a chance to see the world
  • Diplomat- If you have the will to study hard and crack the civil services exams, then you must try for the Indian Foreign Service.
  • Travel Show Host- If you possess a charismatic personality and a general love for travel, then scoring a travel show job would be a dream come true.

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