Automotive Technology for 2018

  • Toyota is the latest manufacturer to introduce Amazon’s Alexa cloud-based voice control to some of its vehicles
  • By speaking to Alexa, drivers and passengers should be able to control the car’s infotainment systems—including changing navigation destinations
  • Nissan is developing “B2V”, or “brain to vehicle” communication.
  • The system takes input from a headband-like device that detects brain wave activity, and can then prep the car for an action you intend to take
  • Ford vehicles shipping with its already-impressive SYNC 3 infotainment systems can now use the car’s own display for Waze mapping and navigation
  • The car's cockpit of the future will be even more customizable and personalized than you might have thought
  • Ford and telecom chip maker Qualcomm announced the development of cellular “Vehicle to Everything” (or C2VX) technology.
  • C2VXwill kind of be like an X-ray vision for your car:it uses a chip in your car that can communicate with other cars on the road and receive data for alerting
  • VW brought its future-fantastic I.D. Buzz microbus that uses artificial intelligence: using software and hardware from NVIDIA, it will recognize your face

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