Steps to create a Wikipedia Page

  • Research a Topic for Your Wikipedia Page: Before you create an article of your own, make sure that you have an appropriate topic that is well-sourced and unbiased.
  • Search for Wikipedia:Requested Articles in the Wikipedia Search Box - This is a great way to find a topic to write about because other people are looking for these kinds of articles specifically.
  • Avoid Re-Writing and Double-Check: Before you create a Wikipedia page, be sure that Wikipedia hasn’t already published an article that you are thinking or writing.
  • Register Your Wikipedia Account: Registering an account with Wikipedia allows you to create a user profile which has many benefits.
  • Cite Your Sources Correctly: To create a Wikipedia page and have the article accepted, it is essential that you cite your sources from respected sources.
  • Use the Wikipedia Sandbox Editor: Sandbox is the name of Wikipedia’s text editor that you use directly on their website to create and submit your articles.
  • Enter and Review Your Wikipedia Article.
  • Publish Your Article and Wait for Approval: After the Wikipedia staff editors are finished reviewing your article, they may request more sources from you if they think it is necessary.

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