10 Most important Guidelines of Photography

  • Rule of Thirds-The rule states that the image should be divided into grid of 3 by 3=9 columns and points of interest should land near where two lines intersect.
  • Balancing Elements-To fill the void in the background, the weight of the main subject should be balanced with by including another object of lesser importance.
  • Leading Lines-Our eyes are generally drawn towards the lines that guide us through the image, leading lines draw attention by pulling us into the picture.
  • Symmetry and Patterns-Symmetry and patterns make eye-catching compositions and create balance.Another great way to use them is to break the symmetry in some way
  • Viewpoint-Viewpoint has a massive impact on the composition of our photo and can deeply affect the message it conveys. Eg-clicking a photograph from high above.
  • Depth-Depth can be created in a photograph by including objects in the foreground, middle-ground & background.Overlapping is another technique to achieve depth.
  • Framing- To isolate the subject from the outside world, framing is done. Frames can be natural, such as trees,archways and holes. It results in focused image.
  • Cropping-By cropping tight, the background noise is eliminated, ensuring the subject gets viewer's undivided attention.
  • Background-Camera can flatten the foreground and the background and can ruin a photo. To avoid such situation, compose a shot around a plain background.
  • Experimentation- Photography is all about experimenting the possibilities which might result in a very creative image which can be visually appealing to an eye.

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