Rajya Sabha Passes UAPA Amendment Bill.

  • The Rajya Sabha passed the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment Bill that enables the government to designate individuals as terrorists.
  • Out of the total members who voted, 147 MPs were in favour of passing the new changes to the anti-terror bill while 42 voted against it.
  • Under the law, personal/financial information of an individual designated as terrorist can be shared with various Western agencies.
  • The bill seeks to empower NIA to conduct raids anywhere without the relevant state government's prior permission, a clause that has raised concerns and caused consternation in various quarters.
  • Besides designating an individual as a terrorist, the bill empowers the NIA to grant approval to seize/attach property when the case is being probed.
  • Officials said the law will also prevent terror masterminds from setting up a new group after their previous outfit is outlawed.
  • This type of anti-terror laws are already there in such countries as US, China, Israel and the EU.

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