Crazy facts about electronics manufacturing industry

  • Printed circuit boards are almost always green because they are made from a glass-epoxy, which is naturally green.
  • Flexible PCBs are built on flexible high-temperature plastic like Kapton.
  • Manufacturing floors need to be above 30 percent (rH) humidity or the solder paste dries out causing process issues.
  • The invention of the PCB is generally accredited to Paul Eisler, an Austrian inventor.
  • The revenue of circuit board and electronic component manufacturing in the U.S. ranged at about $44 billion in 2014.
  • According to Moore’s Law, microchips double in power every 18 to 24 months. Gordon E. Moore, a founder of Intel, proposed the concept in 1965.
  • Surface mount designed PCBs are up to one tenth of the size of through-hole circuits
  • Instead of wires, PCBs use copper traces to transport electrons.
  • 50 V of static electricity is enough to compromise a small electronic device.