What is lean manufacturing ?

  • The Lean model for production and manufacturing is a collection of business practices, strategies, and methods that focus on waste elimination and improvement
  • All of the Lean components come together to form a culture of aggressive waste reduction, continuous improvement (known as kaizen), and responsive quality
  • Lean (and the Toyota Production System) have two main purposes;Provide Customer Satisfaction,Do so Profitably
  • Within the Lean framework, all activities are divided into two categories: value-added, and non value-added.
  • Value-added activities are those that incur costs, but those costs can be passed on to the customer.
  • Value-added activities are those things that must be done to satisfy customer needs.All activities that do not produce value (are not value-added) are waste.
  • Within the Lean framework, the Japanese word kaizen describes a ‘culture of continuous improvement.’
  • There are many tools and concepts that lean companies employ to support the above principles and eliminate waste
  • Cellular Manufacturing-Cellular manufacturing is an approach in which all equipment and workstations are arranged based on a group of different processes
  • Processes are located in close proximity to manufacture a group of similar products. The primary purpose of cellular manufacturing is to reduce cycle time
  • Kanban is method by which a customer process signals a supplying process to produce a product or information or deliver product/information when it is needed.

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