Ahmedabad: Sidi Saiyyed Mosque

  • Sidi Sayeed Mosque is one of the most marvelous historical site, worth visiting in the city of Ahmedabad in India
  • Sidi Saiyyed Mosque, popularly known as Sidi Saiyyid ni Jali was built in 1572 AD
  • It was built by Sidi Saiyyid along with Bilal Jhajar Khan, a general in the army of last Sultan Shams-ud-Din Muzaffar Shah III of Gujarat Sultanate
  • The mosque is famous for the beautifully carved ten stone latticework windows (locally known as 'jalis') on the side and rear arches
  • The two bays flanking the central aisle have reticulated stone slabs carved in designs of intertwined trees and foliage and a palm motif
  • The intricately carved lattice stone window is the Sidi Saiyyed Jali, and is also the unofficial symbol of city of Ahmedabad
  • Interestingly, the Gujarat Sultanate can be credited for much of the most amazing Islamic architecture
  • The mosque was used as a Government office during the British rule
  • Architectural Style: Sidi Saiyyed Mosque is built with yellow sandstone in Indo-Islamic style of architecture
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