Ahmedabad: Sabarmati River Front

  • Sabarmati river front is one of the most recent and amazing places worth visiting in Ahmedabad
  • It is a stretch of artificially reclaimed land, built on both sides of the river, now coveted into a jogging track, gardens, amusement parks, etc.
  • Sabarmati Riverfront is a waterfront being developed along the banks of Sabarmati river in Ahmedabad
  • Timeline: Proposed in 1960, construction started in 2005 and started opening up to public in phases from year 2012
  • Two-level promenade situated on both sides of the river where lower level serves pedestrians/cyclists, while the upper level hosts various events
  • Official website:
  • Length: 11.25 kms, Area: 202.79 hectares of reclaimed land, of which 85% to be used for public infrastructure
  • Riverfront improves environment by reducing soil erosion of the banks & prevents flooding of low-lying areas due to the walls on side of both the banks
  • Boating: Currently there are three boating stations available for the tourists
  • The 5 hectare Riverfront Flower Park houses 330 native and exotic flower species, and was constructed at the cost of ₹ 18.75 crore and opened in March 2016
  • 14% of the reclaimed land will be used for residential and commercial purposes, where 52 buildings will be constructed including eight museums
  • Riverfront hosts several annual events like Sabarmati Marathon, Sabarmati Cyclothon, flower shows, International Kite Festival and airshows

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