Interesting Things a Google Lens can do!

  • Google announced a new technology named Google Lens, the smartphone camera won’t just see what you see, but also understand what you see to help you take action
  • Google showed off how you could point your camera at something and Lens tells you what it is — like, it could identify the flower you’re preparing to shoot.
  • CEO, Sundar Pichai showed how Lens could do a common task — connecting you to a home’s Wi-Fi network by snapping a photo of the sticker on the router.
  • A photo of a business’s storefront—and Google Lens could pull up the name, rating and other business listing information in a card that appeared over the photo
  • The technology turns the camera from a passive tool that’s capturing the world to one that’s allowing you to interact with what’s in your camera's viewfinder.
  • Huffman demonstrates by holding up his camera to a sign in Japanese, tapping the Lens icon and saying “What does this say?” Google Assistant then translates
  • Pichai showed how Google’s algorithms could clean up and enhance photos, it could automatically enhance the photo to make it less pixelated and blurry.

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