Best Cancer Hospital in Ahmedabad

  • There are many cancer hospitals in Ahmedabad but only few are comprehensive in nature, providing complete cancer care.
  • Sterling Cancer Hospitals, Ahmedabad has the most advanced infrastructure and an exceptionally experienced team of Medical, Surgical and Radiation Oncology.
  • Here the approach is to first leave behind what does not work, keeping what does work, and emphasizing therapies that are minimally invasive & holistic.
  • Also, there is dedicated BMT unit, which is equipped with HEPA filter providing extra aseptic environment for the patient during the procedure.
  • The department is equipped with 9 bedded modern ICU having suite, deluxe and single room with dedicated ‘Day Care’ unit
  • The hospital is equipped with advanced machines in radiotherapy like TrueBeam, PET_CT, and Digital Mammogram.
  • The radiation machine Truebeam ver 2.5 has high definition MLC with highest resolution of 2.5 mm for Linear Accelerator offering highest precision and accuracy.
  • Most advanced machine to have capability to treat 6D Stereotactic Radiosurgery with conical collimator.
  • The hospital has Brachytherapy Unit which is useful for all difficult-to-manage tumors by Radiotherapy like Ovarian, Kidney & certain gastric & Pelvic tumors.
  • It has dedicated 3OTs with Leminar Airflow HEPA Filter with class 100 Standard
  • The hospital has Asia’s First 16 Slice Siemens Biograph Horizon with ‘Time of Flight’ Technology, allowing the diagnosis to go beyond the conventional PET scan.
  • The hospital has Gujarat’s First Digital Mammogram with Tomosynthesis Technology, which gives 3D Pictures of Breast, hence increases the precision and accuracy.

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