Ways to improve your reading ability

  • Read about things that interest you. If you are interested in what you are reading about, the words will come alive, and you will be motivated to understand.
  • Put all your electronics on silent mode (or turn them off) and put them away. It helps to build up concentration.
  • Read material that you find easy to read, or just a little challenging.
  • Learn to read in depth, stay on the same subject for a while. If you are familiar with the subject you are reading about, you will understand better
  • Ask yourself questions while reading and after Reading. You should look over the text quickly without actually reading every word to get the idea
  • Don’t worry about what you don’t understand.Learn to enjoy reading, even while feeling that you do not fully understand or remember what you have read.
  • Let your imagination get involved. Good readers get engrossed in their reading and let it trigger their imagination
  • Read it again. Re-reading is great for those times when you read the words but can’t get them to make sense

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