Most Successful Dropouts

  • 7. Akshay Kumar- Evergreen actor did leave college before finishing his graduation in Mumbai
  • 8. Mary Kom- She dropped out of school midway and made her career in Boxing
  • 9.Azim Premji- Chairman of IT giant Wipro, dropped out of college and started running the company at the tender at age of 21
  • 1. Bill Gates - people says Harvard’s most successful dropout -Microsoft
  • 2. Steve Jobs - After just one semester at Reed College in Oregon, Jobs dropped out of school, -Apple inc.
  • 3. Mark Zuckerberg -Zuckerberg left school in order to work on his startup
  • 4. Larry Ellison -In 1977 he founded Software Development Laboratories (SDL) which would later become Oracle
  • 5. Jack Dorsey -Dropped out of New York University 1999, Co-founder and CEO of two most buzzed startups in recent history, Twitter and Square
  • 6.Michael Dell- Attended University of Texas in 1983, spent his time upgrading and selling computers At age 19 started his own company PCs, become Dell Computer

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