Customer engagement strategies for your business

  • Use social media as an engagement tool. you can use the tool to connect, share, identify questions, research influencers and other experts, and create content
  • The company uses social media to obtain user data and after analyzing it, gets ahead of its competitors – in terms of consumer trends.
  • Engage customers with In-Product messaging. Notifying your customers about your new product), there are several key channels that you can use.
  • Key channel includes - email ,Social media, mobile messaging
  • The ideal approach is to message a specific segment of your customer base with the exact product/offer which they’ve indicated interest.
  • Nurture free trial prospects and get them to upgrade.starting a relationship through a free trial influences usage and retention behaviour
  • Communicate with VIP customers with promotions specifically for them. invite your VIP customers to live events and one-on-one coaching programs
  • Hold a customer-engagement summit.attending a summit or conference will broaden your horizon, and upgrade your learning curve in a dramatic way.