Data Analytics - The Power of learning.

  • Machine learning, a branch of artificial intelligence, can generate remarkably accurate predictions. It works by crunching vast quantities of data in search of patterns.
  • Take, for example, restaurant hygiene. The system learns which combinations of sometimes obscure factors are most suggestive of a problem. Once trained, it can assess the risk that a restaurant is dirty.
  • Governments are taking notice. A London borough is developing an algorithm to predict who might become homeless. In India Microsoft is helping schools predict which students are at risk of dropping out.
  • In Stanford AI labs programmers tried to code software to make helicopter fly autonomous helicopter to fly on their own. But were unable to programe it further then certain extent.
  • Afterwards they incorperated machine learning algorithms to make the computer learn itself. Slowly the computer simulated a helicopter and made the algorithm efficient and then tried it in real toy helicopter.
  • And the helicopter flew flawlessly by itself It had learned far better than a human.
  • It is has a great potential to impact our lives. And everbody is getting ready for , not just computer science students but even economist, social media experts,management students,biologist etc.
  • As the computing power is increasing exponentialy so is the power to A.I and analysising the data.