10 Twitter Tips about How to use twitter ?

  • First decide your area of Interest like Social Media, Fanpage, Entertainment, Cricket, etc...(1/1)
  • Decide your purpose. Why are you using Twitter? (1/2)
  • Focus on your passion. Don’t be a jack of all Twitter subjects and a master of none. Tweets surrounding your passion are going to be stronger.
  • Complete your Profile Information with Profile Picture, Header, Bio, DOB, Website link, Location.
  • Use twitter list, Tweetdeck and other third party tools for unfollowing inactive users or non followers.
  • Tweet Original and Informative content that fits your purpose. e.g.. facts, insights and statistics.
  • Tweets on Great Hashtags, Retweet great content, Use DM Groups too.
  • Check where you stand on social media tools, like,,,
  • Follow(By Area of Interest), Keep tweets(Share Information), Exlpore(By Hashtag), Engage(By Replying), Repeat
  • Check out my other Pointer too for more Info About Twitter. Read, Correct, Bookmark, Share.