Difference between marketing and public relations

  • 1)Focus=Marketing focuses on products and services, while PR focuses on relationships.
  • 2)Function=Marketing is a line function that contributes to organization's bottom line. PR is staff function that indirectly supports organization's goals & obj
  • 3)Target=Marketing's target is the customers. PR targets a range of public and goals that collectively support the organization's objectives.
  • 4)Carry-over benefits=PR contributes to organizations success by building and maintaining a '+'ve social, business and political environment.
  • 5)Paid media=Paid media plays a major role in the marketer's campaign strategy and consumes the bulk of most marketing budgets.
  • 6)Owned media=It hasn't been established which function – marketing or PR – holds the key to social media’s kingdom.
  • 7)Earned media=Earned or "free" media is part of the PR professional's playbook.
  • Savvy leaders should learn and appropriately integrate marketing and PR into their corporate strategies to better achieve organizational success.
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