7 Effective ways to open a speech or presentation

  • QUOTE: Opening with a relevant quote can help set the tone for the rest of your speech.
  • "WHAT IF" SCENARIO: Asking a “what if” question invites the audience to follow your thought process.
  • "IMAGINE" SCENARIO: It puts your audience members directly into the presentation by allowing each member to visualize an extraordinary scenario.
  • QUESTIONS: When someone is posed with a question, whether an answer is called for or not, that person intuitively answers.
  • SILENCE: A pause, whether two seconds or 10 seconds, allows your audience to sit and quiet down. An extra pause brings all the attention on you.
  • STATISTIC: Use a surprising, powerful, personalized statistic that will resonate with the audience to get your message across right away.
  • POWER STATEMENT/PHRASE: A statement or phrase can catch the audience’s attention by keeping them guessing as to what you’re about to say next.

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